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hakuna matata

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  1. EricJ

    That’s nothing compared to the fuss that was raised over Disney marketing the heck out of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”–which only appeared in the first movie as a Nathan Lane ad-lib–and helped prompt the landmark lawsuit to return full song-royalty rights to the family of the original African songwriter of “Wimowe”.

    However, the royalties expired a few years ago, which is why Disney went ahead and used it again in an even bigger scene in the live-action remake.

    1. Erin Reilly

      Yeah I agree with you about leaving songs for Disney alone

  2. Traci

    This is stupid and not uncommon practice. They just want to go after a corporation.

  3. Erin Reilly

    Leave Disney alone no more lawsuits ever again

  4. Tony

    It is really ridiculous to try and get a copyright for words used commonly in a language. It’s like wanting to copyright the name Paul or the word house or any other. As absurd as the problem Disney had in Europe with Moana which is registered as a perfume trademark; it literally is a Maori word used by these people and therefore should not be allowed to be trademarked. In the end Moana was renamed Vaiana to avoid trouble. Ridiculous!

  5. Ben collins

    We have to respect the fact this show is amazing for their moral and life lesson. It’s been made into a live action, being sensitive to other cultures is just another part. This will not take away how amazing this show is, I’d say yes to making other translations.

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