Comments for Theme Park Fan Petitions for Disney to Reverse Mass Layoffs

disney cast member

Credit: Disney


  1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    This petition is stupidly naive and completely ignorant. Shame on you for linking to it.

    1. Jill

      Completely agree. They are not in possession of many necessary facts. Again, facts matter. Feelings don’t. This layoff affects my family but we can see the big picture. Not happy about it but life is all about change and pivoting.

      Be prepared to have your feelings hurt again – this is only the first layoff. They only have to announce it if it’s over 500 cast members. After this round of 28K, they can quietly trim the cast easily without a word. The restructuring is going to affect other currently safe safe segments.

  2. A number of months ago Disney Workers were fighting not to go back to work, too dangerous, etc., they were having a big cow about it. Disneyland not open is hurting the economy and the workers who worked there, duh! (and of course by now there is going to have to be layoffs, you can’t continue to pay so many when there isn’t that money coming in!)

  3. Dr Wakefield

    Starve to death? That’s a bit harsh. More like die of diabetes from eating over-processed cheap foods.

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