Comments for You Voted! Should Disney Bring Back Park Hopping or FastPass+?


  1. janie

    i would like disney to get the bugs out of fp+ as well as their app! We at dl have no issues bc app use is minimal and we still have paper fps and it wrks fine for us! Also drop virtual queues its a hassle for all! If you think it bothers you not to get on a ride try being a cm whom hears about and cant do anything for you but smile at you and say sorry! It really hurts my feels to not be magical at of all places my job the most magical place on earth! The other thing is park hopping right now the only guests going in are aps use to hopping and going whenever they want or starting in one spot but going to another esp during festival time! Folks do not want to be stuck grabbing park pass months in advance they want to just go and chill! They want to separate the day! I got teens at home and now their older we finish our vacation on wdw end w 4 parks in 1 day and you can not do that now!

  2. stan

    Park hopping I would rather have, then you could go at your leisure in and out of all parks to eat or see different areas you may have missed as a Passholder I wish they would bring it back or give us something in return we have lost everything

  3. EricJ

    Y….you’re kidding.

    You all voted for the dangerous super-spreader option, the one that did make sense for them to ban for the duration, because you MISSED it??

    1. Kelly Connerton

      If people have a problem, they dont have to go.

  4. Gillian Holt

    Park hopping is an option when booking 2021 reservations. From my understanding, you’ll make your park pass reservations and then, while on your trip, once you’ve entered your first park, you can then select which park you want to “hop” to, if there is availability.
    Personally, I would prefer fastpasses come back.

    1. mama harley

      park hopping is not going to be an opt nor is fp for a while! I asked at guest relations!

  5. Corey

    Park hopper. With the app when you are ready to leave a park you could just ck and see if there is room at the next park you want to go to.
    After 60mins if you haven’t made it into the new park your spot is canceled opening it for another family. Seems simple

    1. Spyke


  6. Tamara

    Fast pass for sure! Park hopping is such a waste of time.

  7. Brett

    Park hopping? I thought it wouldn’t even be close…fast passes hands down! Do you really enjoy waiting in line hours vs. minutes for certain rides?? Park hopping is the biggest waste of time and energy! A convenience that may have a benefit now and then, but definitely does not even come close to the benefit of fast passes!

  8. SG

    Fast pass, no doubt or thought about it. Our last trip to MK, hot, no line on ANY attraction under 30 mins, ALL popular rides way over an hour. We used to be able to count on three rides through fast pass, now you can’t count on riding anything! And Main Street shopping, 30 min line there too, all in the sun. Guess we just can’t wait to spend our money. Sometimes we used to just walk through the shops to get out of the heat – that option gone too.

    And the Not so Spooky Halloween mini party, not worth it. We saw just three adorable mini parades. Couldn’t find any treats except for Halloween merchandise.

  9. lmariel

    My vote is Park Hopper

  10. You can’t spend money while you are standing in line – of course fast pass will return

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