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  1. davis

    First off many folks left due to safety! Disney gave folks ulitmatums and choices! Besides its common sense income is not 100% so that needs to be taken somewhere! Weather you want to believe it or not cms are tired of all fansites spreading false rumors! We are all doing aok here yes folks were laid but its not disney fault uni fault etc the union that reps are afilated w many parks not just wdw so stop blaming wdw! Also dl has had alot more layoffs blame disney for those crazy things! Yes those we feel bad for but all is well at wdw!

  2. Denise B.

    The Orange County mayor here is always whining about something. This guy needs to be voted out. Not to mention, the media is making Florida sound far worse than it really is. They like to focus on the number of positive cases (most of which don’t even get sick) since all the other numbers have been declining for many weeks. Florida just is not as bad as the media is spinning it!

  3. Brandon

    The Orlando mayor has proven time and again that he is completely incompetent. How the hell did he get elected.

    THIS is just basic economics.
    And the funny thing is that this mayor wants to shut down the county again after every new COVid are without consideration for the effects on the local businesses.

    He’s just like Hollywood. Crying to close the country then wanting bailouts because of all the industries that’s shutter then claim they don’t understand why

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