Comments for OpEd: If Disney World Could Reopen, Disneyland Should Too

Disney World to Disneyland

Credit: Disney Parks


  1. Douglass Abramson

    Newsom is more concerned with infection numbers than making businesses happy, unlike the governor of Florida. He bent quicker than he initially was comfortable with in late May and California had passed New York as the country’s hot spot by the beginning of July. A very large portion of the state is also currently on fire, which is tying up a great deal of emergency services and budgets. Both of which could be taxed past the breaking point by another major Covid outbreak in the state. Parts of the state are so dry, it probably won’t be responsible to risk diverting any state emergency services away from wildfire control until after Thanksgiving, if the seasonal rains actually begin sometime between now and mid-November. As for the rubber stamp from the Orange County Health Department, county agencies in Orange County rarely have the political cover to make decisions that the County Board of Supervisors or the various city councils disagree with. The Health Department is on its third director, at least, since the pandemic began; because the political pressure on the office has been producing burnout and turn over. The death threats haven’t helped either. I would like the parks open as much as anyone. I had to cancel a trip because they weren’t open, but I’m willing to wait (if impatiently), until Sacramento thinks conditions in the state are safe enough for the theme parks to reopen.

  2. Michelle

    Unfortunately, we here in California are stuck with Governor Hairgel and his massive ego. He’s getting off on his power trip and won’t relinquish control anytime soon.

    1. Cindy Leslie-Forbes

      Amen Sister!! Governor Hairgel…I love it!

    2. TJ

      Making fun of his hair and his ego and yet I bet you’re a fan of Trump who has the biggest ego of all time and makes his hair each day by sticking his head in a cotton candy machine

  3. J.

    Yes! Time to follow the science which has proven unequivocally that the precautions taken in Florida at Disney World worked. (and indeed at the 20 largest amusement parks in the US which have had no outbreaks tied to them since reopening. Plainly and simply, this is political and nothing else. It is a shame that 80,000 workers in the CA industry who are not being allowed to work and take care of their families are being used as pawns in this. It is shameful.

  4. Joe

    Florida is run by a Republican governor who believe in freedom and liberty, and trust in the American people’s intelligence. CA is run by a Democratic governor who believe in socialism, the state know more than the people, and the state should control people’s lives. Maybe Newsom think the worse economy and people being unemployed would cause people to vote for Joe Biden for his government handouts, but it backfire because I’m NOT voting for any Democratic officials!

  5. Cindy Leslie-Forbes

    I guess Newsome feels that he knows better than Stanford & Harvard Graduate Doctors. WOW, must be nice to have that high an opinion of yourself. Too bad he is the only one that has that opinion. Open the parks for God’s sake!! Disney has proven that they can keep people safe. Probably the safest place in the state once you let them open. The Economy is dying you, idiot!! Help people get back to work!!!

  6. TJ

    I don’t get why people feel so comfortable comparing Los Angeles to Lake Buena Vista. What’s good for one isn’t necessarily going to be good for the other. Very different places.

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