Comments for ‘Once Upon A Time’ Spin-Off Series Coming Soon to Disney+

once upon a time


  1. Nancy Calero

    I loved that series… Never even heard of the spin-off tho or I would have watched it….
    …. Now I won’t be able to see any of it cuz I can’t afford ( just like most of us peasants) to purchase Disney plus or any other online streaming money Google sites… Oh well.. it’s sad. What this world of priviledged only has become

  2. Thomas

    I’m thrilled this is finally being made available, I know it only did a one season spin-off but I’ve been dying to see it. I adore ‘Once Upon a Time’ and wish that it was bigger so that it could be included in the Disney Parks, when I went I’d have killed to have a picture with Emma Swan or Regina, or go on an a ride through either the Enchanted Forest or through Storybrooke.

  3. Ally

    So excited I love OUAT and missed this one.

  4. Tamara

    Watched both series. Loved them. Original Once Upon a Time was really fun to follow and try to figure out the characters.

  5. Melanie Durham

    I loved OUAT! I never heard about this spin off series! Excited to see it! Thank you for this article!

  6. Cheryl

    Looking forward to ouatiw

  7. Marie

    Loved them both but the link I followed made me think there was a NEW series… sigh

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