Comments for Marvel, Disney Stars Get Naked For Voting Awareness

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  1. Michelle Anderson

    Because without Hollyweird who could figure out how to vote on their own? This is gross. Why can’t this site just be fun? Why all the political stuff day after day?

    1. Kathy

      People like them are the reason I stopped going to the movies. I refuse to be a party to advance the careers of people who insult my intelligence by daring to believe I have no capacity to think and reason for myself. Shove it, Hollywood. I feel bad for those who are actually influenced by their garbage.

  2. TacoCat


  3. Jay

    To quote the Avengers movie mark ruffalo

    ā€œSon you got a conditionā€

    People put some clothes on

  4. Michelle D

    I feel like not voting just because of this campaign. Completely tasteless and inapproriate. They are making a joke out of our elections.

  5. Ed

    This story does not belong ā€œInside the Magicā€ but ā€œInside the Lunacy ā€œ.
    These idiots from Hollywood have zero respect from us!

  6. Jan

    This has got to be the sickest thing other than their visits to pedophile Island and their thinking that Middle America truly cares about their opinion on anything other than their acting ability! FYI: WE DON’T! Get dressed!

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