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  1. EricJ

    More Mandalorian would “save” it from what, National Geographic?

  2. Brian Harvey

    I may not renew
    They promised me the vault would be open
    It’s still not open

    I really don’t care about new content
    I want the classics from the vault
    Wonderful world of color
    The Mickey Mouse club
    Some of the classic movies

  3. I took advantage of the free Verizon deal for the 1 year and enjoyed the Mandalorian series and some of the other Disney content but with the with everything going up in costs and my pay check staying the same I’m cancelling the Disney+ fee, I have to look for cost savings anywhere I can.

  4. Paul

    For me, Mandalorian is the buttercream icing with sprinkles on the Disney+ cake (ok, bad analogy).

    I tune into Disney+ a few times a week. I love the Disney behind-the-scenes shows, such as One Day, Animal Kingdom, Imagineers, etc. and come back regularly for those as they are released. I really like having all of the Marvel movies on demand, and occasionally re-watching old Disney and Pixar favorites. I’m just really discovering the National Geographic options, many of which are very good. And I’m looking forward to the other new shows planned for release later this year and into next year.

    It would be great if Disney could have more new movie content, but that’s going to be slow for a good while. In the meantime, I find the content on Disney+ to be well worth the current price.

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