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guest with handgun at tttc


  1. Deb

    So it’s the 6 year old child’s fault ??‍♀️ Wtf

    1. Isledymnd

      This level of stupidity astounds me on so many levels. You give your 6 year old a loaded gun???!! That’s called child endangerment . Where’s CPS here? This mother really needs to be investigated. Taking a loaded handgun to Disney & having the 6 year old holding onto it!!! Common sense & responsibility are not something this mother possesses ?

  2. Karen

    I can’t tell you how shocked I am that the woman who asked a six-year-old to watch her gun didn’t have a concealed weapons permit. ?

  3. Tamara

    Once you carry all the time it’s like putting a mask on, but, into Disney , come on ?

  4. Tara

    So let me get this straight, a woman took the time to hide a gun in a planter, told her SIX year old child to watch the gun so she could get the brother.
    Beyond the fact that she didn’t have a permit to carry said weapon in FL or her home state AND the tram recording goes over quite a few rules, WHY was her other child out of sight hearing distance? We used to go fairly often and my kids are teens (and the oldest has a phone) AND we still go in together as a family and mostly stay together (my husband doesn’t ride roller coasters.)

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