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magic kingdom crowds

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  1. Summer McRae

    Fast passes would make a huge difference in the guest experience in the parks.
    I can not understand the reasoning behind them being unavailable, especially during this time that we are trying to keep social distancing a priority.
    Besides that, no one wants to spend the majority, or even half, of their time in the parks standing in line.
    Just doesn’t make any sense.
    – FAST PASSES – bring them back!!

    1. Rheanna

      You do not need fast passes right now. The longest we waited was thirty minutes. We rode rides more then three times because the lines were so short.

  2. Tracy

    Oh boy. We leave for Disney World in 22 days. We kept our planned trip in part because of the historic low crowd numbers. This article scares the bejeebus outta me!

    1. I am going back Oct 25th, but I have been 3 times in the last couple of months and I can tell you that the crowds are HORRIFIC, especially on the weekends. I stayed at Pop Century, then 2 weeks later stayed at Wilderness Lodge. Pop Century was SO chaotic! Getting Breakfast at 7:05 ( they open at 7 ) was a nightmare, and when you FINALLY get it, it’s cold. WL was much better. The bus service was awful as well, etc. It sounds like the crowds are getting worse, not better. I hope they bring back fast passes and refillable drink stations at the resorts, amongst 8 million other things. Idc about the masks, but let people park hop! That would help with crowds. Fast passes would help. Longer hours would help. C’mon Disney, it’s not rocket science!!!!!⁶

    2. Josie

      We did to cause of the same reason! Not happy with this update. Hope you and your family stays safe.

      1. Paula

        Was at Disney for 2 weeks..Sept 20-Oct 2. Lines on the weekend were crazy. The masks caused such overheating that my granddaughter got sick. No such thing as social distancing. Half the stores and restaurants were closed. Disney needs to just open up. If people are afraid of the virus they should stay home.

    3. Vickie

      As it should our numbers are rising and the trump family has been here since Friday..infected possibly and holding packed events.Another Monday in Deland right next to Disney.Disney as you know are part of the reopen Florida committee for governor DeSantis. Let that sink in. $$$$$$

      1. Sc

        You’re on the wrong blog…this is NOT about politics! Haters want to hate. I’ll pray for you.

      2. Leon

        Go Trump !

  3. Arlene

    The lines are long because of the 6 feet distance. Go to YouTube and watch current uploads. The parks are not packed. 30 minutes for small world. every on knows a normal time is 90 to 120.

    1. Summer

      I have had annual passes for over 30 years, and the longest I have EVER waited for a line (even before fast passes were a possibility) was thirty minutes. And that ride was Thunder Mountain.
      Since the invention of fast passes, we now never wait more than fifteen minutes, usually less than that.
      As far as it being due to social distancing-
      My husband took my daughter on Splash Mountain last week because it said there was a twenty minute wait- it was almost an hour before they were off the ride.
      Weekends seem to be the worst.

  4. Kathleen Barr

    We were there the 2bd week if sept. The ride lines were long especially slinky dog, mickey minnie runaway railroad which broke down alot, couldn’t even get a boarding pass in star wars land due to glitches, the lines were long and some waited a while to get on due to fact that not all ride vehicles were filled to capacity due to social distancing , mobile order wasn’t our cup of tea,don’t like using credit card, like everything paid fir in advance Fingers cross the dining plan comes back soon and park hopper too.

  5. Ginger

    I gotta trip planned in a little over a month and reading this makes me wanna rethink my decision ?

  6. Dan

    This article is a horrible betrayal of the actual situation. I agree with Arlene. Only long lines due to social distancing. Line wait times seemed a lot shorter than what was posted. This is what happen when a someone rights an article based off of a social media post.

    1. Caleb Spears

      The lines were 60+ minutes while I was there for any of the most popular attractions. 30-45 for the most all the others.

  7. Susan

    We were at Magic Kingdom yesterday – and more than half of the sanitizer stations were EMPTY – most at ride entrances and exits. Some stations were blocked by cast members and turned backwards because they were empty. Lines were EXTREMELY long and even though the fast pass system is not active their seemed to be an abundance of people being let in the short line. I know some of these are child swap and physical limitations , but not all of them – we watched people scan bands – hand pieces of paper etc. very frustrating- we were also here the first week of August – much more attention was given to distancing in line , running both sides of a ride and clear markings . Most cast members are over it and not very nice – then you have the reverse and those who are elated to be back at work and wanting to make your trip magical. Disney vacations are not cheap , and I know it’s my choice to travel there – but I feel there is a level of numbness that exists that forgets that you are clearly spending hard earned dollars to be their and supporting their jobs. There are not enough Rest Areas to full remove your mask – and not enough stands open to purchase water. The rest areas are few and far between and in some cases next to a smoking area? That one has me boggled. We love Disney Magic and hope it returns one day… so many great things to enjoy as a family – but we won’t be back until everything is open and it feels like the cast is truly glad we are there. I am not exaggerating about the sanitizer stations – literally 50% of them were empty so be prepared and bring your own !

  8. Anonymous

    So far there hasn’t been any re-theme construction coming up, and with everything that is happening now, looks like it would get cancelled. With it being more popular, this only proves that the re theme crap was unnecessary from the beginning. Besides, that news was pretty much all propaganda like this article. Things get cancelled, and it might happen the same way. So be prepared for the unexpected.

  9. Papito

    Theme parks have been given the green light by the governor to resume normal operations. Anything Disney is doing now is self-inflicted. I hope they go broke because of the cowardly liberal policies they have implemented. Its just insanity.

    1. Sue

      But they will not bc they are afraid of law suites. Like they care. They don’t. We live 10 miles form Disney and I will not go they are all about the $$$$. They are giving people less for the same amount of money they would normally pay. But they care less about the case members. Sad. I used to like going there but not anymore. The rides break down all the time the parks are dirty you get much better deal at universal or sea world. The only reason the lines seem long is bc of the 6’apart . And they don’t have all the foreigners come to the parks and that’s. where they make there money.

  10. Mike

    We live in Cape Coral, we went a couple weeks ago and some of the lines in the magic kingdom seemed lone, but they really are not. It’s the social distancing that is giving that illusion. We are taking advantage of the resort special pricing for fla resident passholders. We go again monday, twice next month and twice in december. Check out the bottom line prices on resorts up until 12/25. These are great opportunities to stay in the better resorts for a decent price. Art of Animation is the price you’d pay for the all star resorts. The Coronado is $169. Etc.

  11. Lindsay Davis

    We just visited Magic Kingdom 2 weeks ago and none of the wait times were accurate . When we got in line for Thunder Mountain it said it was a 90 minute wait. We were able to ride Thunder, Splash mountain and Pirates in 60 minutes. I’m not sure why they are posting such high times other than to discourage people. But Small world was a walk on the day we visited and this doesn’t seem to be the case today!

  12. Vic

    Beyond irresponsible stupid. Purely for the almighty dollar

  13. H

    We were so disappointed at HS yesterday (10/9). We didn’t actually ride anything. All rides were 60-120 minutes at 10:10 and all through the day. Our boarding queue for ROTR took 6.5 hours before our # was called and we were already long gone. The lines to get in to the *stores* at Galaxy’s edge were 10-20 minutes…and then a wait to get into each individual store.
    It was an expensive, exhausting and discouraging day.
    Thankfully we delayed our 5 day passes until next year. Hoping they get it figured out by then.
    Fast passes need to come back as well as a more efficient way to move things along.

  14. Grumpy

    Yep, no different than shopping at the grocery stores where I live. Packed, practice physical distancing, and standing in long checkout lines that go down aisles.

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