Comments for Should DCA’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Ride Be Replaced?


  1. EricJ

    Okay, now you don’t even know WHY you’re doing the Armchair Imagineer “Replace ‘Em All” act, so that you can replace a DCA attraction that’s not ten years old with one you already HAVE at Disneyland!

    (And like DCA’s ever kept to a theme in the first place!!)

    1. Luis

      Would rather have a brand new nemo ride if that means they replace the disney one with a different ride maybe tron will fit there by removing innovation building, finding Nemo, and autopia

      1. Michael J Bulich

        I am so torn on this one. I love the idea of Tron in exactly where you described. It would be an almost perfect addition to Tomorrowland. I have no love for the Innovation building or Nemo. The problem is I’m a bit of a Disneyland purist and Autopia is a opening day attraction. Placing Tron there would also almost certainly necessitate the removal of the Tomorrowland train station.

      2. Kaare

        In a word, no. Terrible and stupid idea.

    2. Alex Lue

      Don’t worry, this was a “what if” article, not an actual rumor or confirmation from Disney! Ariel is not leaving DCA (yay!). It’s my favorite ride in that park!

    3. Liz

      Agreed. And with so many people out of jobs, let’s focus on getting them paychecks and work again rather than hoping Disney will cough up for a new ride. I expect to see few refurbs after all the lost profit.
      As an irrelevant aside, I love the movie, but far prefer Ariel’s ride over what Disney has done with the Nemo ride in Epcot.

  2. Tom

    You misspelled Monterey.

    Monterey with one R is in California.

    Monterrey with two R’s is in Mexico.

    1. Michael J Pein

      No don’t replace we need these kind of rides for little ones and for the kid in all of us

      1. Kathleen Fritz

        One of best ride even as an adult please don’t remove.

        1. Debi Callahan

          With a new grandchild, this is his FAVORITE ride. The older kids love it too, and we all sing like crazy while on it. Don’t take it away!

        2. Desiree

          No! Keep it! Don’t replace!

        3. E Johnston

          FYI, you say that Sebastian is the current narrator for Ariel’s at DCA, but that’s incorrect. Scuttle is the narrator.

      2. JY

        When it’s hot and your feet are killing you, this is one of the rides you go on. Leave it.

        1. Phil

          Whoa hold up pump the breaks there Disney. The Little Mermaid ride is awesome. Could go for a volume change. It is quite loud at times.

          1. Kurt Lohmann

            I agree with phil

      3. SM

        I don’t understand why Disney is so packed all the time. If no one likes the way Disney and DCA are, why bother going? Maybe they should just rip it all out and start over from scratch

      4. Alex Lue

        Don’t worry, this was a “what if” article, not an actual rumor or confirmation from Disney! Ariel is not leaving DCA (yay!). It’s my favorite ride in that park!

  3. Chris

    The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disneyland was already re-themed for Finding Nemo. It blows. My 7 year-old loves the little mermaid ride and makes me ride it endlessly when we visit. And with Ellen’s bad press of late, I don’t think they should find a way to give her another paycheck. Leave it alone and find something else to revamp.

    1. Lorraine

      Leave it! I love this ride! The Finding Nemo ride is the one that should go. Just awful

    2. Alex Lue

      Don’t worry, this was a “what if” article, not an actual rumor or confirmation from Disney! Ariel is not leaving DCA (yay!). It’s my favorite ride in that park!

  4. Samantha

    No!!! Keep it as is.!!!! Leave the little mermaid ride alone!!

    1. Alex Lue

      Don’t worry, this was a “what if” article, not an actual rumor or confirmation from Disney! Ariel is not leaving DCA (yay!). It’s my favorite ride in that park!

  5. Derrick Bingener

    Why even ask this? Is this a joke? Unbelievable.

  6. The random entertainment

    Well the ride was there for a long time

  7. Jessica

    We love little mermaid! My son and my niece have to go on it at least 2-3 times when We go! Why change things and fix things if they’re not broke!!!

  8. Christy Snyder

    Leave Little Mermaid ride alone. You already ruined Spalsh Mountain ride by changing the theme In Disneyland. I love Little Mermaid ride.

  9. Aimée

    Oh my God, not another revamp! PLEASE leave it alone. I absolutely love that ride, and my three teenage sons enjoy it too, mostly for my sake but still… They know everytime we go, we have to ride it for mom. Please not another revamp. All the classics are going away, or becoming PC, etc etc. And that ride isn’t even old!

  10. Haylee

    Pathetic we should keep little mermaid ride it’s classic

  11. Isabel

    Leave little Mermaid ride alone. Leave it as is.

  12. Just Cid

    You could always bring back the Whoopi Goldberg “Golden Dreams” show…….. 😉 😉 😉

    1. Alex Lue

      That would be awesome, haha

  13. shar delamo

    Love that ride. Don’t touch it. Stop ruining everything. Tomorrow Land is total crap now. Adventures through inner space was fantastic. That was taken out. Leave things be.

    1. D.Thomas

      To all of you keyboard warriors out there in Cybor land. They are NOT GETTING RID OF OR EVEN REVAMPING “The Little Mermaid” ??‍♀️ride. This guy was only putting it out there to see what everybody thought. Disney WILL NOT, let me repeat this, DISNEY WILL NOT GET RID OF THAT RIDE. Not for a good long while. It’s a Great ride for Almost Everybody & that Movie ? is what brought Back the Disney much needed Film ? revamp on there Cartoon Imagineering. It was a Huge Blockbuster when she came out & it was a Very Smart move (on Disney) to bring it to California Adventure. Now the “Finding Nemo” ride is Great too because when was the last time Any of you were able to hop into a REAL SUBMARINE? I haven’t and I always wanted to. They won’t get rid of that ride. Way to expensive to remove, but a New Theme could be the answer. How about something with the New “Aqua man” & His new Adventures under the sea. Now THAT would be something very interesting ? to look into. Could you imagine how Disney could bring to life the city of ATLANTIS in that ride ?????? It would be Beautiful. Just some food for thought ?

      1. Alex Lue

        Thank you! Yes, this was only a “what if?” article. Nothing’s changing. Just having a bluesky idea. I’d hate to see this attraction leave.

      2. Deneen

        That time someone sounded SO intelligent, informed and rational, UNTIL they said “there” instead of their .??

  14. Renessa

    No more Nemo rides. My 3yo son would rather watch the little mermaid than Nemo. Nemo is to boring.

  15. Ashley

    Don’t you dare get rid of little mermaid!!!! My kids absolutely love that ride! They watch little mermaid weekly! I can’t believe this is even a consideration! Leave it alone, it’s a perfect kids family ride.

  16. Mike

    Why is this even a thing? Just because it’s just outside the Pixar Pier entrance doesn’t mean it needs to be a part of Pixar Pier. That would be like saying Pirates of the Caribbean should be turned into a Coyboy-themed ride because it’s located just outside of Frontierland

  17. Amandastockton

    I think you should only replace the ride if you can’t fix something on it.

  18. Carol Rea

    I think you should keep the Little Mermaid ride. Please don’t change it.

  19. Car

    I think it should be relocated to Disneyland. Its so out of place in dca. They should do like a riley adventure through san Fransisco or big hero six adventure through san frantokoyo. After all, it’s in San Francisco section on the park.

    1. Yvonne Rosas

      NO!!!!!why would they do this!!!! I’m 30 years old the little mermaid has been my favorite forever Disneyland wouldn’t be Disneyland if they didn’t have the ride I literally go to Disneyland to go on the ride

  20. Jaimie

    Do not take out or change this ride!!!!! So many little kids love this ride! It’s perfect for children and family. It is classic disney. Don’t do it!

  21. CJ

    Whats next Indiana Jones turned into wreck it Ralph or better yet, Dwayne the rock Johnson Animatronic to jungle cruise

  22. Jennifer Evans

    We have never been to Disney with our kids, yet. We were going to go then COVID hit. My daughter wants nothing more than to ride the little mermaid ride and see Arial. I have always loved that ride and Arial is a classic. Everything is changing in the world, leave this one good thing alone.

  23. Brian Garrelts

    Bob Over and the other SPINELESS management, caved into the very small minority that had a problem with SPLASH MOUNTAIN. If you actually look, the people that go to Disneyland and DCA are mostly whit, hispanic and oriental. Now, I am not saying I am racist, because I am not. This is fact of the people that go there. I have been going to Disneyland almost every year since 1967. And I am white but I was brought up to not judge people by their skin color. But by their character and who they are as a person. And I am sick and tired of being called a racist just because my skin color is white. That IS THE DEFINITION OF RACISM!!! Splash mountain was about 2 kids of different colors and backgrounds playing together and being friends regardless of skin color. I am in my middle 50’s and I like the Little Mermaid ride. Stop changing things to suit very few people that comlain and leave the rides alone. If people don’t like the ride, THEY DON’T HAVE TO RIDE THEM!!

    1. Darth Notices

      That’s a lot of words to tell us how not racist you are.

      Before all that, nobody was even thinking you were.

      But that was equivalent of saying, “Here’s some coffee. Without absolutely NO poison in it. It’s a regular, boring cup of coffee. I don’t know why somebody would think there’s poison in it. But there isn’t ANY. None. Now, drink up!”

      1. Deneen

        This reply was awesome!

        Also, what IS “whit”. ?

  24. Noah

    I hate that ride, story makes no sense. It’s only good for air conditioning. I believe they should but a lion king ride there,it’s overdue.

  25. Debi Callahan

    With a new grandchild, this is his FAVORITE ride. The older kids love it too, and we all sing like crazy while on it. Don’t take it away!

  26. cynthia brown

    No all kids like that ride and so do i and it would be ashamed that they would take it out after all its been there since the park open and I would be disappointed if they take it I have a little girl that I want to have her first experience there and that is one of the rides I want her to go on

  27. Jeni

    Please don’t take it away ?its mine and my family’s favorite of all the things to change you wanna change this one???

  28. Elvin

    Why would they want to replace the little mermaid ride it’s a beautiful ride at DCA ! It wouldn’t make sense to replace it ! Seems Disney doesn’t know what there doing anymore?

  29. Mia

    I believe that Ariel’s Undersea Adventure should be kept, however some scenes may need to updated. The original plan for the ride was to have it start off with the ship wreck. I think it would be more engaging if action packed scenes from the movie are in it. As for Submarine Voyage, I would say keep it as it is. But I still wish that it was never changed really, because the original ride seems cool according to videos.

    1. Yes, Mia, the original version of Submarine Voyage was much better, and it could have been plussed up with out replacing it.

  30. Yes, this could have been a d ticket or even an e ticket, but it’s a c ticket at best. Upgrade it or replace it, think vertical space too, like Indiana Jones, footprint is limited so go below ground and above first story as well, whatever happens, put a mild drop and an elevation in there somewhere. Maybe even use variable scenes to keep it fresh.

    1. Elizabeth Jennifer

      If they are thinking about expanding or attracting a bigger audience I think they would change it to all ocean movie themed. I.e Lilo and Stitch, Moana, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory. A story line could be created to interact with each story and all the characters.

  31. Autumn

    No! Some people say it should but I love that ride! That gives little kids a ride to love and the little mermaid is such a good ride that it shouldn’t be taken down and or replaced.

  32. Rebecca

    No way absolutely not!!! KeepAriel!!!

  33. maya

    ….is this a serious question?

  34. Shawn

    It’s honestly just a low quality ride. I would love to see it retooled to accommodate how jarring the animatronics are up close, but above comments talking about aching feet are valid.

  35. Alohameme

    Keep the Little Mermaid please. it’s the one true thing at Disney my daughter and I enjoy and may I add that she is now.26? You got rid of the CounBear Bear Jamboree and I never forgave you for that so now I say keep what is tried and true…the Little Mermaid is a treasure!

  36. Ariel

    No but I would be happy with it being moved to Tokyo Disney sea

  37. Kurt Lohmann

    I agree with phil. The Little Mermaid is a great attraction. definitely keep it.

  38. Like others have stated the ride has some great effects that you can’t see anywhere else. The ride is amazing with the rounding of the clam it makes it look like you and your friend are riding alone the room is air conditioned the animatronics are great and the speed of the ride and amount of vehicles it makes the line so short, Overall I get if they want to change to get a new scene, but I really enjoy this ride

  39. Rich

    Good luck getting anywhere with this Disney just layed off 400 imagineers so this a pointless idea.

  40. Kathy

    NO NO NO! Finding Dory is lame.
    LITTLE MERMAID shoul remain!

    1. Alex Lue

      Heck yeah!

  41. Jason

    Dumb idea. Leave it alone.

    1. Alex Lue

      Agreed. It was a “what if” article anywho 🙂

  42. Sarah Lawlor

    We love The Little Mermaid ride, please don’t change it! My little girls always want to ride it twice. It’s one of our must rides when we go to Disney. They aren’t nearly as familiar with the Nemo characters, it would be a huge bummer.

    1. Alex Lue

      I totally agree

  43. Joseph

    Def should not replace it, it’s one of the best rides there!

    1. Alex Lue

      It is! Don’t worry, she isn’t going anywhere! It was just a funny idea, not any news!

  44. JAC

    Why are you even entertaining this?? There’s already (a lame) Nemo attraction at Disneyland. Just leave Ariel’s Under the Sea Adventure alone and fix the one at Disneyland.

  45. Hell No.It’s Currently My Favorite Ride On Paradise Pier. I Don’t Do Coasters,(other than Thunder& Indy).Plus She’s My Sisters Most Favorite Princess In The World.Please Don’t Take The Magic Of Our Little “Ariel” Away!

    1. Alex Lue

      Don’t worry, she’s not leaving! It was just a “what if” article!

  46. No,It Is The Best Ride There,Right Now,Other Than Star Wars Lsnd.It Is Classic Disney& My Sisters Favorite Princess!Leave Our Ariel There. Don’t Screw With A Good Thing.It Is Ours& My Nephews Favorite Ride There!

  47. C

    Don’t replace it, or replace it with a better little mermaid ride! The little mermaid ride could have been so much better. Finding Dory does not need its own ride. Finding Nemo was excellent, Finding Dory not so much.

  48. Nina Grau

    Noo i love the Ariel ride and so do al my friends and family. It’s so detailed and very fun. I really love Nemo, too, so maybe Disney should change things up a bit, or add it somewhere else, or replace it with a different ride.

  49. Darren Zane English

    Wow! Seems that readers *really* don’t like the idea of replacing the Little Mermaid ride with something else.
    Is there a way to classify and introduce articles like this that ask “what if…” in a way that would make it more clear the article does not reflect plans by Disney?
    A statement of some kind in the first sentence that says something like, “this article is pure speculation and does not reflect plans or rumors of plans by WDI or the Walt Disney Company”.
    I wonder how many people didn’t understand the idea behind the article until reading your reply to their comments.
    Maybe a “Armchair Imagineering” category?
    If so, I’d like to see readers ideas/opinions about possible addition/ replacement of attractions.
    Either way, I enjoy ITM, and hope you’ll be publishing for many years!

  50. Alex Lue

    We did include a warning in the article, but most commentators are just leaving their thoughts without actually reading, haha.

  51. I love new rides but stop cutting old favorites especially the ones young children love. There is not a lot for the young at this park so leave the ones they can do! Sue

  52. Debbie claitor

    Please leave the little mermaid ride just as it is! I am not a little kid. I am a grandma and love to even stand in line and look at all the construction and details of the building. They took away triton’s carousel and all the beautiful fish and sealife; please keep the little mermaid!

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