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depp and burton

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  1. Hi all
    Are they teaming up again
    I liked alice in wonderland Charlie and the chocolate
    Factory remake

    1. Darth Notices

      Yes, Tammy, they might be for an Addams Family TV show!

      In fact, the answer to this and of other questions can be answered if you READ the article. Try it! Somebody spent the time to write it.

  2. EricJ

    Both Tim Burton and Bryan Singer have had a long (ahem) interest in doing Addams Family projects–
    Probably due to a wishful niche-audience misinterpretation that the Addamses are “doing their own misunderstood thing, and don’t care what the world thinks!” (Um, no: They delusionally believe they’re model citizens, and don’t understand why everyone acts so strange.)

    The last time Tim and Bryan tried to do “their” Addams, the rights were already tied up by a Broadway musical that made the same mistake.
    Tim ended up turning his project into a wacky Dark Shadows, Bryan went for a gay-allegory Munsters instead, and Tim’s attempt to do a stop-motion animated Addams went to Sony CGI.
    If Depp’s on the project, looks like Tim still didn’t get it right THIS time, either.

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