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joe biden disney layoff ad

Screenshot via Joe Biden on YouTube


  1. Mark Kaplan

    Disney, you’re never good at advocating politics, only creating further divide with the help of the Democrat party. Your box office sale are poof that we don’t want political, gender shaming, and SJW lectures from you our from your competitors.

    Keep to real entertainment, and STAY OUT OF POLITICS!

    1. TacoCat

      Absolutely correct! This could be said of several corporations.

    2. Eilene

      Well put and totally agree with you, thank you Mark!

    3. LZ

      Mark – they (Disney) didn’t do this. Or did you miss that?

  2. Kathy

    A Republican governor opened Walt Disney World. A Democrat Governor is keeping Disneyland closed.

    I agree, Disney needs to get out of politics and return to what made them great – entertaining (not indoctrinating) families. Bob Iger was a phenomenal leader, but in this area he led the company astray. We want good wholesome entertainment again – from all corners of the Disney company.

  3. Laura S

    I agree this is not okay! However I do believe (correct me if I am wrong) this was not put out by Disney this was a cast member who went on a Biden commercial.

    1. Shirley

      I agree and she should have kept her mouth shut and not participate in this video

      1. LZ

        Or Shirley you could keep your mouth shut. Maybe, just maybe…she wanted to speak and had the right to under her own opinion…

  4. sandra hagar-Briegel

    I don’t like Biden using Disney to promote his agenda. Donald Trump did not create COVID either. I am tired of seeing Disney used as a pawn. Please leave us out of it,

    1. LZ

      Too bad, get over it? Or do you speak for all of Disney and every person individually?

      No one said the current administration created Covid…but they can be blamed for the response (or lack thereof) to it if you want to get technical. The buck stops at leadership – always.

      1. Laura S

        LZ maybe you need to get over it and chill out. As Kathy said it is the governors making the decision! Maybe look at who you are blaming!

  5. Laura S

    LZ yes she has the right to her opinion however she is acting as though she speaks for Disney! NOT OK unless she got permission from the company? I am not allowed to mention my employer or former employer when speaking in public as it may misrepresent their views!

  6. Pete F

    OK, what exactly is “The Plan” she advocates for Biden that would fix this? Disney World is under an artificial attendance cap by Disney, not by Florida or US governments. The Disney shows were shut by Disney, not by Florida or US. Disneyland is closed due to Newsom, not by the US.

  7. harry


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