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  1. Summer

    I don’t mind the crowds, it’s the wasted time in long lines that drive us to leave or not go at all. At HS, you can hardly get into the shops, let alone the rides. We won’t be going back there until after fast passes reappear. We’ve had fun, however, at MK and EPCOT, but we visit on weekdays. I feel like weekends are just too crowded and without fast passes, that’s no fun.
    Really hoping fast passes make a reappearance soon!

    1. agreed we only went for rides and now that is pretty much done!!!

  2. SG

    So relieved to hear Disney’s playing it safe keeping 1/3 capacity. We were there in September and it was hot and the lines were long. It didn’t feel crowded unless you ride a popular ride. 1 1/2 hour wait for M & M Train Ride in Hollywood (and NOT worth it btw). I wish they’d keep it at a third capacity forever but I really wish upon a star, that they’d keep it this way until the vaccine is working.

  3. James


    Flu vaccine has been around for years yet that didn’t cure anything. Go back to your basement and hide. Mask don’t work and this whole covid-19 has been used to destroy our economy and lives. SARS and MERS had higher death and contraction rate but we didn’t stop the world for that. And as long at masks are required their parks will be empty. Disney is laying off thousands as the high up management keep their salaries.

    1. Ellie

      Yeah, but we stopped the world this time to prevent those higher death rates you dolt. How do you not realize the ridiculousness of that statement?

    2. rasmaxwell

      Bet you would sing a different song if you lost a parent, a grand parent, aunt/uncle or brother/sister. I do agree with you about the ridiculously high salaries being maintained for senior Disney managers. Did you know the Disney CEO who retired not long ago walked away with $640 million?

      1. cant reason with stupid

    3. your a moron. masks work its called science loser. morons like you are why the virus is thriving good job.

  4. prince charming

    Disney wants you to think that they are keeping capacity low because they are concerned about safety. If this was true they would not be trying so hard to make the people think that they are crowded. The truth is that the capacity is low because most people are smart enough not to spend full price to wear a mask and all the entertainment gone. We will return when the masks are gone and the fun is back!

  5. m. armstrong

    the article referenced which stated no coivd currently linked to WDW was written last august. Are there any new stats/articles about the current status of covid numbers linked to walt disney world?

  6. I have gone several times since reopening the parks. The first few times where great, everyone kept their distance, wasn’t too busy and everyone was respectful of each other. This last weekend was a completely different story. Magic Kingdom was packed, people weren’t following the rules. One lady had on a mesh mask and was asked several times to change her mask and nothing. One family was verbally cussing a cast member when he asked them to pull up their masks. If you can’t follow the rules and keep your mask on the whole time then don’t go!! The lines where long at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom but they were at least moving so it didn’t feel that long. I already have my next 2 trips planned and can’t wait to go back!

  7. AMB

    We spent one day in each park over the past long weekend. To the extent that the parks were at “reduced capacity” — it sure didn’t feel like it. Because all of the queues are so spread out, and because all of the shows are closed, and because all of the restaurants are operating at reduced capacity (if they are operating at all) … it felt like an absolute MADHOUSE. It was extremely hot, there was barely anywhere to find a place to relax in the shade, and dining options were severely reduced. Basically, it was the most time I’ve ever spent standing in line and the least comfortable/relaxing trip to Disney I’ve ever had.

    I will say that the resort (Wilderness Lodge) was almost empty — the time at the pool was almost certainly the highlight of the trip.

    I can’t imagine going back until there’s something like the FastPass system and until they bring back the dining plan promotions. We go to Disneyworld every October, and this was hands-down the worst visit we’ve had.

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