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  1. Papito

    well Duh…..

    A message to all you cowards out there afraid of your own shadow. Its a 97.7% survival rate. Live your life.

    1. EricJ

      What’s a little lung damage, ya babies?

      (But yes, the issue is not taking out personally frustrated corporate tantrums on WDW itself, not because one was being a complete idiot about their health.)

    2. Andrew Fritch

      Survival rate is higher than 97.7%. Closer to 99% accross all age groups. Check out CDC website for updated info.

      1. James

        Thousands if not millions have told Disney- remove the mask mandate and we will come back. When Desantis opened the state the fist comment from Disney was masks are still required. Also agreed if you are scared of the flu then stay in your basement. Bring the full Disney experience back with no mask requirement and the people will fill the parks. No one is going to waste $8000 on a vacation that has no fun and restricts what you can do.

        1. Melanie Durham

          Hmmmm, I still have LOADS of fun WITH a mask when I visit the parks!

  2. Michaela

    As a cast member still waiting to go back to work at WDW, I deeply appreciate this sentiment.

  3. Marcos Blake

    I’ve been there and the compromise is too much. The mood including the other guests are subdued and reserved. Many events, restaurants, food stands, etc are limited or closed. We have no desire to go back until the full Disney experience is restored. Sorry.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Oh baloney! The moods are NOT subdued! Ives been several times now and people there have had so much fun! I’ve had so much fun myself!

  4. Steven

    If you do go, just be smart. Follow the safety precautions, and if you’re coming to the park from out of the area/state, maybe consider quarantining for 10-14 days before and after your trip if possible, to avoid potentially spreading the virus.

    1. Carl


    2. prince charming

      How about spreading mayonnaise all over your body because the CDC says that it is very effective.

  5. Thomas

    Unfortunately, both finances and the UK rules surrounding quarantining when you arrive and when you return wouldn’t make it viable. If I could I absolutely would, pandemic or no pandemic, but at the moment I simply can’t afford to at least return from any of the locations and then quarantine for 14 days. My heart goes out to all the cast members though

    1. Nikki Burgess

      I agree!! As a Canadian and lover of all things Disney my kids have been begging to go back but our borders are still closed and a 14 day quarantine is in place. I will be back as soon as possible thought!! We love the cast members and will be back to support you as soon as we can!

      1. Sean

        This is a marketing strategy. This entire letter is just advertising guests to come back using the sympathy of cast member layoffs. Pretty much saying we know people have lost their jobs but spend whatever little money you have with us so we can line our pockets even more. This is a company that doesnt care about their employees, they exploit impressionable college students, and use brain washing techniques. Not surprised they would use the misfortune of lay offs to put out a marketing campaign.

        1. Tad

          Sean, man how insightful. Those darn impressionable college kids, been on this earth for 18 to 22 years already and are so naïve that less than 20% of those apply for the Disney College Program are accepted. And all those seniors who work there part time to take advantage of Disney health benefit program, how gullible are they? Lets not even get started about the full time CM’s.

          Brain washing, the worst of all is emotional manipulation, the feelings of happiness and well being that the Disney Parks evoke for many of their guests and explains the popularity of Disney in general. You’re right about one thing, the letter asks that people start visiting the Parks again so CM’s can return to work, more guests equals more services that require more CM’s. Who would have guessed?

          Over $3.5 Billion (with a B) dollars in lost revenue in the third quarter alone, 85% less than the 3rd quarter in 2019… not much lining in those pockets. But thanks for the giggle, have a magical day.

          1. Edward P Giering

            I’m with you.

  6. Carl

    As owner of three DVC properties, and typically an annual pass holder, and that all may be ending if things don’t change in the world. I have no fear of the virus anymore than getting the flu. Common sense can go a long way. Unfortunately we won’t be returning until the magic comes back. All the cuts and guidelines put in to place? in no way sounds like a vacation. Disney is put in a no win situation. I’m not agreeing with nor complaining about the decisions made. Unless this ALL goes a way I believe that WDW is going to look very different in the next 50 years, and not in a good way. All the things we love have been removed, fireworks, parades, events, and on and on, and now they’re looking to find ways to make a buck without the people that make the parks magical! Cast members! Locals, and I read there posts, talk about how great it is, but considering they can drive in, go to the park for a few hours and head home under normal conditions. Oh and pick the days based on temps and weather. Now for the folks that pay the bills, we get to pick a week in months in advance, stay on property 24/7, and now pick up our own luggage, take it with us on the magical express, being sure to stay away from everyone, wearing a mask from the time we get to an airport to fly there. Once we get to the resort, still wearing a mask now maybe 12 plus hours? Now for the next days or week, stay away from everyone, wear your mask except when you’re in your room? find food, most likely mobile and not by reservation. Limited park hours, no fireworks, no parades, less cast members, no special nights or events, construction, which, okay is pretty normal, meanwhile keeping your mask on all the time. Sounds like a vacation I want? and keep in mind this is a vacation for most folks. And for those that say that’s everywhere, you’re crazy because it’s not! We’ve visited several national parks this year only because we were forced to find something other than Disney that sounded like it would be fun and relaxing and had an incredible experience at each and everyone. They’re gorgeous, and relaxing. To Disney, it was a good ride, but until the CDC, Disney execs, cast members, and the public all decide that the current virus is a thing of the past, what you see is what you’re going to get. Even if some of the things return, it’ll be a chore to attend, no fun, and not as grand as it once was. For us, seeing people’s faces was something we enjoyed, not just there eyes. And according to the CDC, they state that even after there’s a vaccine we’re still to practice social distancing, and wear masks most likely to infinitely and beyond. That’s all a deal breaker for us. And again and in closing Disney can’t win regardless what they do, because even if they were to go back to the true once upon a time magic, the media would attack, cast members would say they’re scared to go to work, and half the public wouldn’t go because they are in fear and would condemn Disney for not being more responsible. If your not happy with Disney’s current guidelines, or are in fear that you’re going to die, it’s time to move on, because I believe this is the new norm!

    1. Evan

      Wow Carl, quite the dissertation. Can we make an offer for your DVC points?

      You say you’re not agreeing or complaining but then ramble on about all the C-19 driven changes at the Parks that you make you unhappy? Maybe we classify that as opinions versus complaints? This virus has changed the world, like it or not, and companies/people/societal norms change and adapt. 2,977 people died during the 9/11 attacks and the world changed, do we roll back the security measures that were put in place to prevent future attacks because some folks didn’t/don’t like being subjected to those security measures?

      We get it, you’re not going back anytime soon because you have to carry your own luggage to the Magical Express (who carried your bags from your house TO the airport?) and you have to wear a mask and can’t see other people’s faces, but spare us your “Disney can’t win” logic. When the time is right Disney will make the right changes, and the guests will return. It may not be exactly like it was pre-Covid, it may be better. Glad to hear you enjoyed the National Parks, they are a national treasure. There’s a resort in WDW called Wilderness Lodge patterned after Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone. You should check it out :-}

      1. Melanie Durham

        Oh …..I like YOU!!!!! Ditto on the well said!!!!

    2. Cheri

      Well Said. 🙂

  7. James

    Because a trip to Disney is so much more important than 1,000,000
    people dead, who were alive 6 months ago.

    You do understand you can carry the virus to OTHER PEOPLE, right? So yeah, “live your life”. Just don’t go within 6 feet of anyone else.

    Wake up!!!

  8. Disney Family

    tRump has covid and still there are unbelievers ?? some will never get it !! We would rather wear masks and social distance and this all be untrue than not do it and get sick or worse die or spread it to others and they get sick and die – THERE ARE MANY WHO WILL NOT GO TO DISNEY IF THEY DROP THE SAFETY PROTOCOLS – the day Disney compromises good common sense, is the day many will not even consider a visit – as of now, there are NO covid cases that can be traced to Disney – if you are smart, you cannot argue with success – if you are a stable genius, maybe you can argue with results – karma will catch up to you every time – DISNEY PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENFORCE SAFETY – if you do not want to follow safety rules then do not go – Disney property, Disney rules – Disney is doing better than any other theme park – THANKS DISNEY

  9. I was an annual pass holder but decided to not renew and opted for the refund after having to cancel our trips scheduled for late March, and September I will not be going to Disney any time soon as much as i would like to support the CM’S, but for what your getting for a regular price ticket or an AP and what Disney is providing with the cuts in fireworks, parades, character photos, no park hopping, limited dining options in the restaurants, no fast passes and shortened hours, my favorite shows and did i say masks on all day except to eat or drink.

  10. Jen

    I wish I could take my son to Disneyworld right now, and would in a heartbeat if we fly there and get in without him wearing a mask. His Father and I will west a mask ,but he has autism and a written letter from his doctor exempting him from wearing a mask, but unfortunately the airline that we have money on hold in and Disneyworld will not accept this exemption from my son’s doctor. So we will not be able to help until they do allow my son to attend. I am positive there are many many more families that are in the same position as mine and I hope they would take that into consideration in the near future and at least start allowing medical exemptions for facemask (he will not wear a face shield either).

  11. Tara

    Not going until they remove the face mask requirement. Not asking for everyone to stop wearing masks if that is what THEY want to do, but I prefer not to wear a mask for a 10 to 12 hour day.

    1. Louis

      And then there are those of us with jobs facing the public where we HAVE to wear a mask for 8 to 10 hours a day. Sure, I’d like to not have to wear a mask, but I also like to be able to pay the bills and EAT.

      Wearing a mask at WDW didn’t make me sweat any more than usual.
      Having to mobile order 2 HOURS in advance to get an evening snack at Pop Century’s food court was too much of a pain.
      It’s sad that the shows have been cut back so far, but Disney doesn’t want to add to the 210,000+ Americans who have died from Covid-19. I understand and support them.
      But I can’t schedule another vacation week this year.
      Sometime next year, yes.

  12. Georgia R.

    My son and I have reservations starting 9.30.2021. We want to be there for the 50th Anniversary!! We have no problems complying with the mask requests, in fact, I welcome it as I have health issues. We are concerned about not getting our money’s worth. We love the parades and fireworks but if they are still gone ….. we may have to rethink our 3 week Contemporary stay. If there are no shows to go see ….. another reason to rethink our trip. We are putting a lot of money into this trip and we are expecting more than food, rides, and shopping. Come on Disney, give us something!!

  13. TacoCat

    It is really quite simple. If you don’t like the rules, don’t go. Don’t want to wear a mask? Don’t go. Don’t like less things to do? Don’t go. See? Problem solved.

  14. RBD

    Very nice letter.

    Right before they closed the parks in March, we were at every park in Orlando / Tampa that week and had a great time. We were very cautious and at that time masks weren’t required. Looking back on it, we should have worn masks.

    To those posting comments that are less than positive: There is a HUGE difference in being fearful and being wise. People don’t want a cold or flu so why would they want COVID-19? COVID-19 has long-term affects on certain organs and they’re still discovering all the long-term challenges.

    I believe people are just choosing to be cautious like they’re cautious about not getting sick. That’s not being fearful of COVID-19; just wise. Usually, you get fear comments (about anything) because people have heard someone else say it (maybe the President) or just aren’t making wise word choices. Also, I find that people who have lost immediate family members from COVID-19 think differently about it. When you know someone is suffering alone from a disease that could have been avoided, you think differently.

    Go to Disney, if you like, and enjoy yourself. I don’t think anyone is stopping you. But don’t be one of those negative people that needs to call people names because they’re using THEIR wisdom (i.e., they don’t think like you) to do what’s best for them.

    1. Pamela

      Well said

  15. prince charming

    If we go back to WDW now we will be telling Iger and Cheapo Chapek that they can continue to cut half of everything but the sheep will still pay full price as if nothing happened. We should help pay the $100000000 salary of those two bozos while they are jusy laughing at these losers. Then they let in A.P. and say look everybody is flocking to WDW. Don’t fall for their lies. If you continue to boycott WDW, they will end the masks and rehire the CM’s because they have 100000000 reasons to do it.

  16. prince charming

    I agree completely. DO NOT GO to WDW and don’t spend any money on Disney until the mask mandate is gone. Money is all that Iger And Cheapo Chapek care about.

    1. Tad

      prince charming, your fixation of Bob Chapek has always been borderline weird, now its become just plain creepy. Don’t know if you’re aware of Chapek’s history, or if you even care, but for others out there, here goes. As the Chairman of Parks and Resorts, Chapek invested over $24 billion into the theme parks, attractions, hotels and cruise ships. By comparison Chapek’s spending was more money than Disney spent acquiring Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm combined.

      He also oversaw the completion and launch of Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2017. Chapek also directly managed the construction and opening of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disney reportedly spent $1 billion on the 14-acre land in Disneyland in Anaheim alone. He’s focused on the best guest experience as well as shareholder value, a difficult combination to deliver.

      So p charm, if you can cite actions that support your obsession with Chapek’s fiscal responsibility, have at it, we’re all Dumbo ears. The virus is not his doing and the actions Disney is forced to take to remain viable reflect economic reality. Just maybe not the fairy tale world some would like to live in.

  17. Catherine Huffman

    Dear Mr. Chapek
    I wish your family
    Good Health from this
    Covid ,and to all of Disney’s Employees, from All of Our Favorite Characters, Mickey & Minnie , to Cinderella , Dumbo, and the Operator of the Jungle Cruise , to the Hotels Staffs, Restaurants, Like Pirates of the Caribbean , Oh and the Venders with the Churros , and Dipped Chocolate Bananas, the Awesome Balloon ? Holder, Your Artists too! What would We as Guests do with out All of You!
    and the List goes on of many, many, Important Peoples Whom are there to Make Our Family Fun Day, or Long Awaited Vacation that we saved up money to get to this Special Place. What I’m writing is what Mr. Disney, and Brother Roy Dreamed for US, but I’m sure I’m right that Mr. Disney would want his Playground of Happiness to be Safe.He would probably want steps taken to ensure Nobody contracted a virus that would hurt children and there parents.
    I’m So, So, Sorry for the Choices you are having to make, in this difficult time, that is effecting All People every where. To All of Our First Responders, That includes You Parents , Disney is Doing the Right Thing because ,Disney Cares about Families. As you can tell by my letter, I know Disneyland, been there 7 Times , and still look forward to go again , and see one more new Adventure that I didn’t get to , the last time I went, never been to Disney World though. Hope I get there some day.
    I’ll be 50 next December 2021, So Pray for our Scientists to find a cure, I can wait to get to Florida Walt Disney World , when it’s safe, and See the Fireworks, and Smiles from All.
    I read the Letter that was wrote, and it was a Plead , to tell people to still come to Disneyland , or Not, Our Choice, but everybody needs to keep in mind , don’t complain to Disney or be mad, we can’t have everything our way, Just make a choice to go , when you think you will be most satisfied . We can’t keep blaming this person , or that person for Covid-19 Virus . We need to be safe, and keep our families , friends, co workers, and loved one out of Harms Way , and Thank anyone who Risks there lives everyday, Like My Husband Whom is a Food Delivery ? Guy,
    I ❤️ You Babe, for risking Your Life , to keep a roof over our heads.

    My family has been fortunate , and so far nobody has got this virus. To all of you out there who lost a love ❤️ one to this , I’m so sorry.
    Sincerely C Huffman
    Thank You
    Mr. Disney
    Thank You
    Mr. Chapek

  18. SG

    Keep it at 1/3 capacity and we’ll continue to go. We have enjoyed the parks and have been able to keep our distance from each other, everyone has been wearing masks. DO NOT FULLY OPEN UNTIL WE GET THE VACCINE PLEASE!
    DeathSantis is ok opening up all businesses to preCOVID conditions sacrificing the elderly, ill and immune suppressed. All for the sake of the all mighty dollar and increasing employment numbers!

  19. Edward P Giering

    I have reservations for December, but being from PA where there is I “quarantine for 14 days on return from FL” in effect and with Desantis’ premature wide opening which will keep that order from being dropped, It’s probably a no-go.

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