Comments for Film Industry Finds Disney’s Restructuring ‘Weird’

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  1. Ken G

    So it looks like this is the same “Hollywood” that thought Walt was nuts for embracing and moving forward with television in the 1950s!

    Disney is looking ahead, not backward!

    1. EricJ

      No, it’s just a goalpost-dance over Disney’s own Disney+ publicity (ie. Hamilton, not Artemis Fowl, and they’re still ducking questions of how much money Mulan made or didn’t), while the parks are down and the theaters are closed.

      Basically, “We MEANT to put everything into streaming!”, to get the conversation off the subject that everything else is on hold–
      But with studio-owned streaming starting to become more of a Bubble, it’s not the most reliable basket to put all your eggs in long-term.

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