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  1. Withered Weiner

    You’ll be lucky to see any of it completed. Disney is self-inflicting damage to its bottom line and killing their own business due to the cowardly liberal draconian covid policies. Its just sad to see it go down the toilet, but the brass is sabotaging the business from within.

    1. davis

      You need to be kicked off this site you and half your negative cronies! This is a site for the magic not for you to complain about go find a universal fansite will you oh wait they are fans of both parks and will tell you to get lost either way….
      In positive news everything is still on schedule!!!PLEASE REMEMBER NOTHING WAS GARENTEED EVEN BEFORE COVID TO OPEN BY 50TH BESIDES GUARDIANS AND REMY!!! EVERYTHING ELSE WAS 2022/2023 TIMELINE! or beyond for mexico to coco and brazil so just a heads up! Bc cms are tired of hearing it and telling folks stuff they already knew!

    2. Daddy Piranha

      Of course, if conservatives had listened to scientists instead of a Twitter-trolling reality star hack, this would have all been over since spring and Disney would be 100% open to all.
      Want to make wearing a mask and staying at home as much as possible into something “cowardly liberals” do and prolong this pandemic by a year or more? Not the smartest move and definitely not something thoughtful citizens would broadcast to the public. You do you, boo.

  2. SG

    I am so excited to hear about these new additions and refurbishments! As APs we’ve been watching The Guardians of the Galaxies rollercoaster, Remy’s Ratatouille, the grand entrance develop at EPCOT and at the MK the Tron rollercoaster develop as well. It’s slow going but it is progressing every time we go. People need to be patient, when the vaccine is released life will slowly return to normal. I feel badly for all who’ve lost their jobs. We’re doing our part to patronize as many businesses that we can. Hoping and praying for America to recover. An escape to Disney at this time is truly healing!

  3. prince charming

    The moment that a vaccine is available that will mean the end of masks and social distancing. So the mask nazis better enjoy it now but it will be gone very soon.

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