VIDEO: Elephants Sparring at Animal Kingdom Safaris

in Walt Disney World

kilimanjaro safaris elephants

Today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of our reporters captured video of two elephants on Kilimanjaro Safari sparring with each other.

The videos that were captured of these incredible creatures truly showcase how each ride on the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction is unique. You could ride the attraction every time you visit Animal Kingdom and get a thrilling new experience each time!

Earlier this year we reported on the rhinos fighting inside the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and actually bumped into the ride vehicle! You can read that story and all the details here.

kilimanjaro safaris
Credit: Disney

Here are a few videos that showcase the elephants in action,



The helpful Cast member and Safari Guide Matt gave riders some great information while they passed by the majestic creatures.

You can hear Matt explain that both elephants are males and one male is a “prankster.” He goes onto explain that they are pushing each other around as “training, to see who will become the dominant male in the herd.”

Kilimanjaro Safari
Credit: Disney

We have a complete guide to the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is helpful for first-time riders and long time fans! You can read that guide here.

Within that guide we detail what Kilimanjaro Safaris is:

Kilimanjaro Safaris is Disney’s attempt at creating a real safari experience in a theme park. It’s a huge attraction spanning 110 acres and home to 34 different species of wildlife. The entire attraction was designed from the ground-up to look just like a real African reserve and this illusion starts as soon as you get into the queue for the attraction.

It is truly an experience you will not forget after you get off the ride!

What do you think about the elephant’s sparring? Let us know in the comments!

Let us help you plan a perfect trip to see the animals inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom park! You never know what incredible animal encounters you may experience when you visit this incredible park. 

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