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disneyland shows closing


  1. Leeann Jacket

    I picked the wrong time to take my family to Disneyland for the first time. (We’ve had tickets since Spring.) They won’t get to experience what I’ve experienced at Disney parks. Even sadder for the people being laid off. They seem truly sad to be leaving.

    1. Alex Lue

      SO much of Disney magic is going away… My family loves watching Frozen on a hot day at DCA! This sucks more so than anything else…

    2. marvin sequeira

      Oh well!

  2. Jesse Haugen

    I say bring back Aladdin once everything goes back to normal.

    But that being said, I do wish the best to these performers and all who have been affected by the layoffs.

    1. Shauna


  3. Tina

    You cannot take away crowds from crowds.Disneyland is filled with outdoor activities and all events are full of people everywhere because we enjoy being there and being a part of it and in it.I am sad about all the changes that really don’t make any sense,except to comply.Take the Hyperion Live shows for instance, for one our family has never sat by anyone in there ever, I have never been coughed on in there, and all people are looking at the show in front of them and breathing in the same direction.In the Park outside we walk by many people( that will never stop )and I have never had anyone touch me and 95% of our full day is distanced by more than 6 ft. it is not shoulder to shoulder as a constant it is really enjoyable in the Parks.We visit the Parks to spend time with our families and have the most magical time (and we do)so families stick close together or if on a date they stick to themselves for the most part people are clean and the Parks are very well maintained.Disney Parks are operated to perfection they have been making memories for many years very well now with Events cancelled, shows cancelled, meeting Characters cancelled children not being able to run up and hug the characters they love, photo sessions erased,masks in the open air, hours of operation cut down, rides closed,years of experience laid off, familiar Cast Members we love as family gone, no Parades, no Light Show, no Fireworks and reservations attached to Tickets purchased that is absurd !Tickets purchased are considered a reservation.Disneyland is being dwindled down to just a California Carnival nothing about the new operations sounds or feels like “Be our Guest”Disney has been doing Crowds for many years and doing so right I feel it is best to allow Disney to make the decisions for Operations we as Disney guests will be Thankful and Happy again In closing Disney will always have crowds it’s a gathering , a celebration, It’s Happiness.

  4. Alicia

    Would it be wrong if I kind of wanted to see “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me” become a stage show?

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