Comments for There Is a Reopening Rally Going on at Disneyland Right Now!


  1. Rich


  2. Tracy

    They weren’t social distancing and a couple didn’t have mask on so what makes Newsom the bad guy if you won’t follow rules with it closed. I love Disney and miss Disneyland with all my heart, but I hope the few who wouldn’t follow rules didn’t just mess it up for the rest of us.

  3. Traci

    Well I think this would have been more effective in front of Governor Newsom’s mansion ( which I know is very far away from Disneyland ). I don’t think he gives a hoot, I think this was zero impact. Some cast members it appears, did not wear a mask or follow social distancing. More fuel for the Gov’s fire.

  4. J.

    Let’s get real, the biggest impact one can make to get people back to work is to to put Gov Newsom out of a job next month.

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