Comments for OpEd: Disneyland Has Every Right to Reopen


  1. Cal

    Dude, Newsom, open the theme parks!! Everybody else across the country is opening, why can’t you?

  2. Joe

    Stop voting Democratic since they act like Socialism/Communism. They just want power to control you and have you rely on government. Look at Florida and WDW to see how freedom should be like.

    1. Mark

      Americans really need to learn the difference between socialism and communism.

    2. Lia

      There should be a petition to re-open! I would sign it!

  3. jeffrey quicksell

    right after the elections they said schools would reopen what does that say , and why would the people of california keep voting for these democrats that are just crazy like camel harris its all politics

  4. Disneyland isn’t CAUSING the virus. People are getting sick despite closing the park. Clearly there’s a better chance of getting infected at the White House.

    1. Joe

      Gov. Newsom think by closing down the amusement parks it would hurt the economy then people will blame Trump for it. We are not stupid! We are BLAMING NEWSOM for this!! I won’t be voting for Newsom in 2021 election!

  5. Newsome is a self important , dictator who needs to be removed from office. He has completely ruined California’s economy , Especially the Orange county and Los Angeles areas becuase he has some kind of vendetta against them and doesn’t want things to get back to normal as he wouldn’t be needed for Covid 19 updates. He has not handled this whole situation well at all ! He even went so far as to say that nail salons are where covid 19 started in California, These people wear masks and gloves for a living so how could that be . Disneyland needs to reopen NOW !!!!!!!

    1. R. Smith

      If EVERYBODY had used masks at the outset, instead of listening to an ignorant, selfish oaf of a president, this would have been over 4 months ago. But nooo, we have “rights” to not wear a mask, regardless who gets sick. Herd immunity for Covid will kill millions, and Disneyland will still not reopen. Wake up. Other nations have done it, we can too.

  6. prince charming

    Coronavirus is a unique illness. You can not get the disease when swimming and when eating. You can get the disease if you go to church but not when you go to a bar. You can get the virus by attending a Trump rally but you can not get it when burning down buildings. We need to wear a mask but Nancy Pelosi goes everywhere without one. Our children are safe to go to the public schools but the same children can not go to Disneyland. The politicians have used a legitimate disease and used it for their partisan purposes. The people have caught on to your game.

  7. J.

    Wow, Newsom says “while we feel there’s no hurry putting out guidelines”…just 80,000 men and women who are jobless and can’t take care of their needs while you hold the state hostage when no outbreaks have been tied to the twenty largest amusement parks in the US. Clearly precautions are being taken and Disneyland could easily open just as safely. VOTE people of CA!! Get this clown out of office as soon as possible so people can start taking care of themselves and their families. Food and rent are not free and they deserve to be allowed to work!

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