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  1. Ken G

    Just my opinion, but it’s time at least for Disneyland with Orange County’s blessing to just open. What’s Newsom going to do? Let the county decide over the Gov.
    I am all for masks and strict safety guidelines which Disney has proven they can do, but our (sigh) governor is and always has been power hungry (and you’d only know that living (sigh) in our crazy state). No wonder businesses that can are leaving it!

    1. Patrick Wise

      I understand your concerns and I have the same concerns. Other governors have seen increases in numbers of cases in states recently. Do you believe Disney visitors may not follow some or at least one of the guidelines? Will If we aid Clayton Chau a non partisan healthcare agency independent autonomous leader? Has Clayton Chau been a reliable source for the public and transparent throughout his recent appointment after the last Person who held his job quit after being threatened and her home address was posted. Was Clayton Chau given the unprecedented O.C. Health Care Agency dual position as being the agency director in charge of and self governing himself as well as being in charge of the entire department just after manipulating County Covid data by the way his agency is reporting O.C. Covid data different and late? Did Chau follow best practices by making OC. mask orders a recommendation and not a requirement? If you have any reason to doubt Clayton Chau bending to the Orange County Supervisors just enough to garner favors then I believe we all should trust the real leader of our state and give Clayton Chau less power of persuasion not more as a tool for the same OC Supervisors who originally wanted O.C. beaches, schools, bars, and people to just have freedom to make their own decisions over public health. Stay safe and remember Life comes before Liberty when it comes to your breath can kill another person. or make thealth

  2. Michael Nishida

    We really want Disneyland, DCA and the other parks in California to reopen right now. So we can get back to the life we want much sooner.

  3. DAnn

    I am from Florida and you can feel very safe at Disney! They take things very seriously and are strict. Out of our entire state I feel the safest there at Disney!

    1. Raquel

      I agree with you. I visit Downtown Disney and Newsom should too. He would see how they have many cast members ensuring folks are using face masks and using them properly at ALL times. Heck, that type of enforcements exists nowhere else. I visit other shopping stores and folks have their masks off to talk on phone and no one says anything. I’m not sure what the governors deal is honestly because of all places to be safe Disneyland would be it.
      On another note, Disney should open all its stores and restaurants until they can open attractions and bam now you ha e an outdoor mall. Technically they can open now 🙂 problem solved.

  4. Chris

    There is presently a lawsuit that may make all of this go away completely and let everyone decide for themselves, as if the judge rules against Newsom, it will make all of his emergency orders regarding COVID be declared illegal and disappear immediately. This means, no more tiers, mask requirements, nothing if that happens. That doesn’t mean individuals and businesses can’t take measures on their own, only that they won’t be required to do so.

  5. TD

    Newsom needs to be removed from office. This is just a power game to him at this point. WDW and Universal have both proven in FL that theme parks can be re-opened safely and efficiently. He’s not looking at safety data, he’s just trying to stir the proverbial pot to see how far he can push things. Sadly he’s ruining thousands of lives as everyone gets laid off. The governator wouldn’t have done this.

  6. Shepard

    It’s very sad to see my old state going down the gutter like this, thanks to horrible leadership. It makes me very angry seeing that there is so much potential for California to be better than what it is currently. I feel so bad for all those people that are being stripped of the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

  7. Leeann Jacket

    I thought he was leaving it up to the individual counties.

  8. Brandon

    This article is poorly written and reeks of bias. Ex: “But currently, Newsom has decided to leave Orange County in the ‘Red tier.'” Newsom doesn’t decide if the county moves into the next tier or not, that’s literally driven by case data and right now OC doesn’t have low enough rates to qualify. The OC Health Agency that this article champions is the one that monitors that data and literally recommended that Disney reopen when OC hits the orange “moderate” tier, so by their own definition Disneyland shouldn’t reopen right now even with these additional provided guidelines! I don’t get why everyone is acting like this solely falls at Newsom’s feet.

  9. Lynn

    Safety first. We all everything to be open. What is the rush? The rush to have large groups to infect others?

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