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  1. davis

    yes lets judge crowds by an app that doesnt wrk and folks in front of one of the buiest attractions at dhs as security i will let you know its pretty quiet herestill and safe!

    1. Courtney Ferriell

      How are the crowds today? We will be there Friday.

    2. Karen Neely

      My grown children and I will test drive the Disney experience with a mask in November. There’s absolutely no way I would bring my grandchildren and ask them to wear a mask all day.

  2. Ron

    Open up and nobody gets laid off disney can do it like that idiot you are supporting come on man

    1. Michael

      They still aren’t reaching the reduced capacity most days. If they increase capacity to 100% more people aren’t going to magically show up than have been showing up. International travel is virtually non-existent right now and Disney World depends on International visitors. “Opening Up” isn’t going to bring those international visitors back.

  3. John

    No fast passes but are they honoring disability service?

    1. john


    2. Melanie Durham

      Yes I use it

  4. James

    Thoes times do not reflect a busy park. Stop drinking the Kool Aid. Next for thoes who want to cry about cast member layoffs. And I agree it is a disgrace to let these employees go while the VPs keep their full pay.
    Thousands if not millions have told Disney to drop the mask requirement to recommend. And until they do that the parks will remain empty. Listen to your guest Disney.

    1. Sue

      Yup. But they don’t care bc they have a token few that say it’s doesn’t bother them to wear one. Disney could care less about there employees. It’s about money and always has been. You don’t see them giving discounts you are paying the same amount as before and getting less. If people only knew how Disney really is. Maybe they would think twice about going. But then again there are people that are Disney crazy.

      1. C. SMITH

        Let me guess, you don’t think masks work. They do!
        Also I’ve been to Disney twice in the last few months and they are actually doing a very good job considering.

        1. Heather

          Yes I agree with you. The masks are working. If they weren’t working you would hear of Corona cases in Disney world. The only cases you are hearing in Florida are at bars and restaurants where there are a hundreds of people without masks while Disney world is protected because everyone Where’s a mask. So don’t think that Disney is doing something wrong, before you look at the cases in Florida from restaurants and bars and other places that aren’t using masks right now. Disney is doing a good job and so are the parks, keep it up Disney! We can beat this Corona virus but we have to stand together and use all safety precautions until Corona is gone.

      2. John

        Loved it! Got there a day early on accident my farther and i have the same name. I called to see if i could drive thru the night and get a room told me i already had one. So i drove thru the night got there and they realized what happened and gave me a room on them for the night. Love the small things they do to make people happy. Live and love Disney

      3. Manny

        Disney is a business first and foremost that unfortunately values shareholder equity above all else. The plus side is that they seem to also be color blind except for green. Also tragically the employees we are seeing at the park are the locals which are Floridians who have a very skewed view of culture and race.

    2. Tim


    3. Manny

      I am so curious at which survey Disney scientifically conducted that gave the results that thousands of not millions asked for the mask restriction be lifted. If anything due to the non-science based decisions of the governor Disney has rightfully played it safe.

  5. Candi DeZeller

    I was at Hollywood Studios yesterday. It was not busy. The lines look long because of 6 feet apart but they move quickly. All posted wait times were half the time. We had a great day!

    1. Mario

      Any tips for a first timer? I’m going from California October 18th through the 24th. Any tips will be helpful. Thank you!

      1. Tana

        Make sure you have a park reservation for the day to get in. Either have food shipped to hotel or make dinner reservations early. Food in park hasn’t been good since reopen. Bring frozen water bottles and snacks. Download wait time app. Have fun!!!!

  6. Disney Family

    tRump has covid and still there are unbelievers ?? some will never get it !! We would rather wear masks and social distance and this all be untrue than not do it and get sick or worse die or spread it to others and they get sick and die – THERE ARE MANY WHO WILL NOT GO TO DISNEY IF THEY DROP THE SAFETY PROTOCOLS – the day Disney compromises good common sense, is the day many will not even consider a visit – as of now, there are NO covid cases that can be traced to Disney – if you are smart, you cannot argue with success – if you are a stable genius, maybe you can argue with results – karma will catch up to you every time – DISNEY PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENFORCE SAFETY – if you do not want to follow safety rules then do not go – Disney property, Disney rules – Disney is doing better than any other theme park – THANKS DISNEY

    1. NC-Dad

      OR more accurately, If you’re afraid, stay home.

      Let those of us who are living our lives continue to do so.

      1. DisneyTour

        Or those who don’t want to wear masks stay home and let those who want to be responsible live their lives safely.

        1. Rob

          Or those who are afraid then stay home and let the rest of us live our lives!!!!!!

      2. Barbara

        Yes ?

    2. Rob

      Ssshhhhhhhhhhhh….. everybody knows…… there there now

  7. M Fitz

    They aren’t reaching capacity because of the restrictions on passholders. We cannot even find a weekend when we can go available.

  8. Summer Pederson

    I had a magical day today at Hollywood Studios!! Got to ride The Rise of Resistance in the morning, got engaged in the Millennium Falcon on Smuggler’s Run, and got to ride Runaway Rail twice in a row, since a CM heard I got proposed to. If you don’t want to come here with your negative attitude I’m sure we’ll still have a good time. 🙂

  9. steve

    Until Disney ioens up back to normal, fireworks and parades,shows etc and Vol mask thw parks will stay light. Open it back up, fast passes and park hoppers, the people that wont come because of this change wont make a dent in the amount that would come!

    1. Jason Smith

      And they keep saying follow the science – the CDC has said there is virtually zero chance of catching the virus from touching something so why do we need to waste time sanitizing the rides?

  10. Let the World open up if your afraid or sick and can’t fight the virus stay home and let others weaken the virus by fighting it. Coming from a Covid 19 survivor when it was still in China and the test didn’t work but I experienced all the symptoms. I’ve been back too Disney since re opening stayed at Camp Wilderness it’s hard wearing a mask all day when it’s really hot but I follow the law by faith not fear.

    1. Russell Forte

      Bring back the smoking areas.

    2. Andrea

      Agree 1000000000%

  11. Flygirl

    My one thought…if you can “mask off” when stationary for drinking/eating why not allowed for the Disney pro photos? Generally, I’m not running while they’re snapping? Hmmmm

    1. Jeff

      That’s more for the optics than safety. Then the media would have proof of all these “non safe people” “look at florida”
      Disney doesn’t want to have media outlets using them as pawns in whatever narrative they are trying to push.

  12. Margo

    Agreed. Disney needs to keep following the science. The vast majority of Americans wear masks. They shouldnt listen to the unsafe minority, no matter how loud they are. If you don’t want to wear a mask and social distance, stay home.

    1. Laura

      Can’t get tickets for Hollywood studios for second week in October. Very disappointed. All other parks are available, I’ve been to those a million times. My husband and I are taking a trip to Florida without Kids and my husband wanted to see the Star Wars rides. Guess I’ll be over at Universal riding Harry Potter attractions

  13. Laura

    Can’t get tickets for Hollywood studios for second week in October. Very disappointed. All other parks are available, I’ve been to those a million times. My husband and I are taking a trip to Florida without Kids and my husband wanted to see the Star Wars rides. Guess I’ll be over at Universal riding Harry Potter attractions

  14. H2o2o

    Those photos look like low crowds to me.

  15. Andrea

    This is simpler that you all think… IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE IN A CROWD DO NOT GO! I don’t really care if they go 100% capacity, I want everything back to normal fireworks and no mask for guest. I am so done with this, i am not down playing it, I’m just saying if you don’t want to get sick self-quarantine, stay home and live that way for the next year, I am not willing to do so, so reopen and normaloze and whomever wants to use the mask, use it. Employees do should wear them to protect themselves, actually i think they should be wearing a shield as well, because they deserve to feel safe but i shouldn’t be forced to wear one if i don’t care about getting the virus

  16. Tom

    I don’t think letting anti-maskers in would increase numbers — they are a small percentage of the population. And doing so would just keep away other mask-wearing guests that are at least trying be sensible while visiting this (completely non-essential) business.

    1. Jason Smith

      I think its less about the mask and more about having longer wait times on rides, not having fireworks, and parades, etc. Why would someone pay thousands of dollars to get half the Disney experience? The only ones going now are annual passholders and Florida residents – virtually no one is flying down there with their family from out of state. And you keep saying follow the science – the CDC has said there is virtually zero chance of catching the virus from touching something so why do we need to waste time sanitizing the rides?

  17. Evan

    My family was there last week and in most cases the posted wait times were meaningless. At the Magic Kingdom actual wait times were half to a quarter of what was posted. The same was true at Animal Kingdom as well. Hollywood Studios wait times were closer to being accurate. There isn’t really enough to ride at Epcot to make an overall judgement but actual times there seemed to be less than posted as well.

  18. SG

    This is SO DISAPPOINTING! We have been several times before when capacity was low and felt very safe. Larger crowds make it unsafe and we have resort reservations in November for the RunDisney event that has been canceled. So deciding to postpone now or go. Why can’t Disney wait until we get the vaccine?!

  19. karen hinchcliff

    Disney is the most safe!!

  20. prince charming

    There is virtually no one in the hotels. International visitors and AP holders are non-existent. The locals that are populating WDW spend $0 on hotels, restaurants, and souvenirs. The Magic Kingdom could be at 100% and Disney would be losing money because the people who spend the big bucks will not pay full price for no entertainment.

  21. Vickie

    No words.
    Remember corporates like Disney and top wealthy in America are the only people doing well. Some are even making money because of covid..but not the workers. Don’t be naive or fooled.

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