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    The death toll is climbing every single day here in the USA. Yesterday 1016 people died yesterday from COVID bringing a new total of 229,000 US Citizens. I thought we were rounding the corner? The President has outright lied to everyone of his supporters and its shocking. Disney needs to stay closed until a vaccine is found to fight off COVID. There is no way possible I would ever risk the lives of anyone that I hold dear to me just to put another dollar in the Disney bank. Trust me if you die Disney will not miss you they will simply sell another pair of ears to someone else.

    1. Jane odwalla

      I suppose you’re not one of the thousands of people out of work since March. Must be nice to be able to pontificate.

    2. Anthony

      Larry, Larry, Larry . . . . . nobody who disagrees with keeping Disneyland closed is doing so because they are worried about the financial health of a multi-billion dollar company. Over 40 million people have lost their jobs. People need to get back to work. And if they were open you have the right to stay at home and keep hiding with all those you hold dear to you. Just because they’re open, doesn’t mean you have to go!

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Anthony, Anthony, Anthony (“Tony, Toni, TonĂ©”?). The hundreds of thousands of dead Americans would much rather be unemployed than, you know, dead. And the millions of Americans who have lost loved ones? They would rather the loved ones be unemployed than… you know what? I don’t think you really care about unemployed people or dead people anyway.

        1. Anthony

          Maybe Larry has space for you to hide under his bed too Daddy! Something tells me you might like that 🙂

    3. Mark Noonan

      Oh No. You can not keep them closed till early 2022.

    4. Mark Noonan

      So Larry, to hell with the Thousands of jobs then huh. Keeping them unemployed till late 2021 early 2022.

    5. Glenn Sieracki

      Anyone who looks at total numbers and spouts that “200,000+ deaths is unacceptable” needs a reality check. The death rate of COVID-19 is not much higher then the flu, it just has gone on longer than a flu season does. We are at almost 60k deaths of the flu according to the CDC for 2020 and the season is just starting… Should we shut down everything every year to save those people? On that, just like the flu you have some unfortunate souls that die no matter what doctors do. Their bodies weren’t made to fight it. Should we ban peanuts nationwide? People with peanut allergies could die if they aren’t careful. People die it’s a fact of life. If you want to shut everything down for COVID maybe think the next time you get in a car, skip exercising, or eat fast food you are at risk of dying.

      I live in Florida. In March I was fortunate to have a job I could work remote. We increased our supplies lightly, only went out when we needed to, sanitized anything we brought home, avoided people like the plague, and did the right thing. Most people here did not. But what we did notice was as time went on and people got it that for the most part it’s way over sensationalized. I expected to hear people dying or disfigured and it just plain didn’t happen. I know of only a few people severely impacted which if you think about it THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. So last month we went to Disney World after over 6 months locked inside. A bunch of my coworkers went and said they had no problems. I actually felt safer there than I do in Tampa Bay. The social distancing was enforced as well as the masks. People were respectful of the masks breaks. It was handled very appropriately. We went for a week and nobody in our party was sick.

      In conclusion to this book, I highly disagree with you. The reason I do is if those 200,000 people stayed home and isolated yes they would be alive. But that’s a personal choice. If you are uncomfortable with the risks stay home. Order your groceries online. Find a remote job. But it’s not your right to shut down the world if people are being responsible and Disney World is doing just that.

      1. Lol florida man posts on the internet

      2. Stan

        Couldn’t agree more. Life is full of risk and the fearmongering by the media never includes what the actual death rate is versus people who are just fine after covid. The only way Disney is forced to close down is if the meglomaniac governor of NY moves down here and takes over.

    6. SG

      I totally agree with you. I believe the science which also means I believe Dr Fauci and the CDC. Our president with his narcissistic personality disorder and his mini me Florida governor, continue to endanger us floridians. But as APs we’ve been to Disney and felt safe. They’re strict with mask wearing and social distancing. We’re still not comfy eating indoors and can manage some outdoor spots but when it’s hot the AC beckons. So we mask up as much as possible. With the weather getting cooler now we can go and eat outside more comfortable. Also trying to do our part to help the economy. We never eat inside ousidebof WDW. If we get COVID, we’ll know exactly where it came from. I hope contact tracing improves and the vaccine is available asap – I’ll take it after Dr Fauci does!

  2. Nikki Alek

    Disney has lost all of my love and respect during this time. I was a passholder for 8 years and I loved going to Disneyland. But their severe mismanagement, their active malice towards the people who go to their park is remarkable.

    Disney World has COVID cases. Nearly daily someone who works there tests positive and is sent home. But just like how the old saying says ‘no one dies at Disney’, no one actually ‘gets COVID at Disney’ either.

    If you have done anything besides go to work, had any contact with anyone besides yourself, Disney marks you down as having contracted COVID in your daily life outside of work. This is how despite the hundreds of positive tests Disney can report that no one has caught covid at the disneyworld resort. The same applies to guests: if you drove out, you must have been exposed at a restaurant or somewhere else you stopped. If you flew out, obviously you got exposed on the plane. It could never be disney.

    Disney knows its unsafe to reopen and don’t care. They don’t care how many cast members or park guests get sick or die. They want your money, asap.

    1. Mark Noonan

      That’s unfair.

  3. Tom V.

    Coronavirus Deaths per million people: Florida – 874, California – 466. (Source: Google)

    Which state is doing things right?

    Theme parks being open can not be helping these numbers, no matter what protocols are in place.

    Further, any Disneyland Cast Member making less than $20 an hour (just about all of them) is currently receiving more in state unemployment compensation. So the only “need” to open comes from Disney. They are puting their workers, guests, and the general population at risk — ignoring their usual “Safety First” mantra — for the sake of profits.

    1. Mark Noonan

      That depends on where the theme park is located.

      1. Tom V.

        Not sure what you mean about location mattering? There are closed theme parks in California with a “low” death rate and open theme parks in Florida with an 88% higher death rate. Is that the location dependence you are referring to?

  4. Mark Noonan

    I had to break my boy’s heart. He had been planning since last year for his 13th Birthday at Disneyland. But I had to cancel that because it won’t be open by May. The Metrics are brutally stringent. Here in WA. Our lowest stage <10 New Cases per 100,000. Yours is <1 per 100,000.

    1. Crystal Kaeder

      Really? That’s the worst thing in your world?

      1. Harry

        Mark I’m sorry you had to cancel your trip and I hope you can go take your son on a birthday trip someday whenever that may be

  5. Judy G.

    I’m my opinion, WDW in Florida will not close again unless Biden wins the presidency. He stated that if he wins he will shut everything down and do a mandatory quarantine for the entire nation for 111 days. ?

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Biden said that he make a mandatory quarantine for 111 days? That’s huge! What’s the source for that? Everything I’m reading forgot to mention something that important.

    2. Stitch0922

      I’ll be at Disney on the 22nd celebrating my birthday and it will be amazing!! People who are scared to leave their home due to the flu is absolutely ridiculous but it means smaller wait times for me. Have fun hiding while I live life to the fullest!!

    3. Stitch0922

      He can not shut down the nation for 111 days because then that means we fall into a depression. More people will die by that than this stupid flu! You shut down the economy again and our economy will not survive it.

  6. Coby Ryan

    I am a Disney employee at Animal Kingdom. I can assure you people are not testing positive and geting sick on a daily basis. Disney has taken so many precautions to keep their employees and guests safe. Now a lot of the guests do stupid things but if we see them not abiding by the safety rules…they are immediaitely escorted off property. So far its working.

  7. MartynWW

    Remarkable how many leaders and elites pushing shutdowns will not be affected by them in any significant way.

    If politicians got thrown out of work by the effect of a shutdown, they might be more careful.

    That said, there is an election soon. Give all this some thought.

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