Comments for Disney World Unions Announce Layoffs Coming Next Month


  1. Dana M Mercer

    Please fact check your information. The positions you have listed are mechanical and that was released the Local 1820 Carpenters Union not IBEW 606.

    1. Dennis A Lesieur

      Sorry, Dana, check your facts again!

    2. marvin sequeira

      So sad that both parks have gone downhill..its pure corporate greed. Cms r hurting. Just like Trump pure lies

  2. Nathaniel Hoyt

    Check ibew 606 facebook.

  3. michael angelo gonzales

    couldn’t be happening to a batter company with their agenda iam surprised they’ve last this long. It’s about time the company puts its money where its mouth is

  4. lydia

    Itm needs to fact check info no one has been let go! Ent was let go from equity disney does not have a say in thats their union and right now broadway is bigger than jobs at wdw…. but if that was true its not the folks were told to reaudition…. they can not expect wdw to hold a job that might take time to get back! We were told at hoop that it could be a yr before we go back. So we had a choice its fl its a right to hire state no one is aloud to be fired! So bc folks decided to leave and not stay thats being laid off to you??? Ent folks esp are scared to return! As a dinner theatre actress i interact w the crowd and go into it… would you pay for a dinner show that was bare minimum or nemo and friends singing nowhere near each other NO! You normal folk do not get all this…. also pt wrkers whom i know some chose to leave bc it wasnt worth the hrs for the money! Also you think disney is doing this for sport …. ah no! Theres barely income coming in and corners have to be cut and as someone hanging on i am happy to be safe at home! My best friend whom also ent almost lost her mom to covid and shes thinking things out alot gets put into prospective!

  5. janie

    beyond that many layoffs are ca bound bc the park isnt open and you cant keep a person furloughed forever! Besides who knows if your still going to want to wrk in these conditions between covid and the fires ca isnt great! Fl #s climbed again! The president got covid when he thought it was a hoax called karma! But i can tell you i witnessed in my sons 13xyr old best friend it doesnt care bc viruses dont they either make you ill for wks or take your life! It puts importance into crystal clarity! I miss my job in batuu yes and i can not wait to see everyone but safety comes first and w that kindness and right now its still a dime a dozen thats what scares me the most!

    1. Anthony

      you better stay home and stay under your bed janie!

      1. jamie

        I hope you die! And everyone else whom thinks any of this is funny! I feel for you janie i lost my best friend its sad when no one has a heart!

  6. davis

    The union is not DISNEY its the union!! Stop making it look like disney is firing people!

    1. Berry

      Disney absolutely is laying off people. Right now non union are being laid off all over US company wide. Union doesn’t lay off. They fight for workers. These comments are absurd and so wrong. Check the WARN act notices filed if you don’t think disney is doing mass layoffs right now.

  7. Manny

    Disney is also using this opportunity to clean house. Those that spoke up for low wages are the first to go. Those that were local union proponents are next. Disney has made up a lot of revenue with Disney +. If you look at their financials it is not as dire as you would think. The problem is the stock holders who expect to get dividends regardless of what is happening.
    Disney really needs to evaluate what is more important, customers, employees, or equity?

  8. Tad

    Is it a surprise Disney laying off 28K plus employees (around 67% are part-time workers) across its Parks & Experiences division? It was inevitable. The Parks made up 40% of its sales revenue in 2019 and Disney has lost over $3B (billon) dollars since the shutdown. Last quarter, Parks sales plunged 85%. Some Disney parks (Japan, China, Florida) have reopened with limited capacity but the limited foot traffic and Dole Whip sales aren’t enough to make up for Disney’s massive losses. The big park in CA is remains shut which translates to Disney still losing major $$$.

    If it wasn’t for Disney’s streaming networks (Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu) which now have over 100M subscribers, and live sports being back, the Mouse would really be struggling. One has to feel for those furloughed or losing their jobs at Disney but the same is true for many people across the USA and the world as businesses are faced with difficult financial decisions. It’s the reality we are facing until the virus is under control.

  9. Patrick

    It is not greed to layoff employees when you don’t have money coming in. They paid employees for 5 weeks and then did furloughs while continuing to pay insurance benefits and fund college studies. Disney, like any organization does not have unlimited funds. They borrowed $12 billion in the spring in order to weather the storm. A good amount of that money is already gone. Disney doesn’t want to lay off its employees, but they also have to preserve their business in order for there to be a job for employees to come back to. Their are soft and hard costs that continued even with the parks closed.

  10. This means it’s time that we go on strike 2 save all disney parks

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