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  1. Summer McRae

    Florida resident Passholder for 30+ years – I have no idea why they decided to stop allowing guests to make fast passes. This would obviously make social distancing much easier on folks and keep people moving around instead of all congregated in a line for unreasonable wait times. Fast passes just make sense all around for those that choose to use them.

  2. Melanie Durham

    In my opinion, those wait times are not bad! But for some with sensory issues and who cannot tolerate just standing in a line, it can be a problem! So, I think in that case yes it would be nice to bring back the fast pass +! But for someone like me who cannot tolerate standing in a line, yes I do use the DAS system as well, these wait times are typically not true from the moment you get in line until you get to the ride vehicle! You’re pretty much moving the whole time! ?
    Again, this is just my opinion!

  3. jerilyn a benham

    I think Disney should bring back fast pass

  4. Tink

    Please bring fast pass back!!!

  5. Stevennye

    Bringing back fastpass will not help anything. Wait times are based on the capacity of the attraction. Adding fastpass will not make any lines any shorter, it just means the already reduced capacity due to physical distancing, will be reduced further for those in Standby. The FP will be gone in about 5 minutes, and the Standby lines that are now 80 minutes will be 160. If an attraction could carry 2000 an hour before pandemic, it is likely only carrying 1100 now. Adding fastpass doesn’t mean it can carry anymore people in that hour, it just means that 300 people will now be in standby waiting an hour while 800 people are holding a FP and standing in line at another attraction, effectively gobbling up the capacity for two attractions that hour simultaneously.

  6. Pluto

    I’m hoping they will bring it back for Christmas. Crowds will probably be larger. It’ll make things less stressful for the guests. And if the do, I wonder if it may come back much like at Disneyland with the MaxPass. I’ll take whatever they allow frankly! Just give use some type of fast pass option again please!

  7. Emmy

    With Disney eliminating parades, fireworks, meet and greets with characters, and reduced indoor dining, they are pushing people to the lines, and without Fast Passes, they are going to be extremely long. It’s as simplistic as crowd control. Bring all this stuff back, and with reduced capacity, problem solved.

  8. Ray

    As a 30 year Disney lover and former annual pass holder, we won’t be visiting again until fastpass and park hopper are back, park reservations are gone, and masks are optional. I guess sadly we may be done with Disney.

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