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  1. Nicholas Cervenka

    Nah, I like it. It got me to ride hulk.

    1. Yeah lol, I love it and the launch is amazing but they would retheme it

      1. Keep it just the way it is! Some things are best left alone and this is one of them!

        1. Wade

          When you think of the number of movie soundtracks that Aerosmith has contributed to, their presence makes more sense. Too many things are changing and although change can be good, some things need to be left as is. In my opinion, this is one of them.

          1. EricJ

            Actually, the ride was originally supposed to be the Rolling Stones (would LA really get this excited about an Aerosmith concert??), but filming Mick Jagger would have cost a fortune, let alone the songs.
            Fortunately, Steve Tyler had just had a big hit on Disney’s “Armageddon” soundtrack…

      2. Tiffany

        Perhaps you’re un-aware of the legend Aerosmith is. I’m even younger than the generation that appreciated them in their prime and I’m not really a fan of their music, but I respect their authenticity. In keeping with the theme of legends, may it never be replaced.

  2. Mmluv

    I sooooo agree with you. I would love a Monsters Inc coaster. The first time I ever watched the door scene from the movie I said “This would make an awesome ride.” I think the Incredibles would be great too, or a villains coaster, or Avengers, or even an Indiana Jones theme would be fun. Pretty much anything other than what it is now.

    1. JD

      If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Love the ride, music the way it is♥️

      1. Tamara

        No wayyyyy. Leave it alone. Don’t over think the ride, just enjoy it!

    2. Nichelle Webster

      I agree, a monsters inc theme would be great.

    3. EricJ

      Ladies and gentlemen: Fans have been nagging Disney for the mythical “Monsters Inc. Door Coaster” for NINETEEN YEARS. As in, literally since the movie came out, which is older than many of the fans.
      When an attraction is retired, go back and look at what is the first words out of fans’ mouths. Go ahead. I dare you.
      When Timekeeper was closed down…When Superstar Limo needed to be put out of its misery…

      And unless anyone can here and now stand up and tell us how the heck anyone can “ride a door”–besides clinging to it by their fingernails like Mike & Sully did–it’s going to be another twenty or thirty until we ever do.
      People…It’s time to give it up. And move on to letting the geniuses who work at the parks do their own danged jobs.

    4. Cheryl

      Okay great so there’s plenty of things that they can either build or add on to to get what you like but that doesn’t mean they have to take something AGAIN from us that many of us love and hold dearly

  3. The Rockin roller coaster is the only reason I ever go to Disney

    1. PupRiku

      I couldn’t disagree more. The whole queue is set in a studio, so it fits in with the theme of the park. It’s my absolute favourite ride and as you say it’s always packed with guests. Why replace gold?
      Aerosmith might be an “outdated” band but they’re living through this and hopefully getting new fans all the time.

    2. Michael Smart

      If Disney wants to keep a music theme but do it with a movie tie-in. I think Iron Man themed ride would be a great idea since other parks are getting a Marvel theme.

    3. Raynard Dimapilis

      I want to go there for the exact same reason. I’ve actually never been to Disney World in my life.

  4. Nessa

    I read an idea that suggested turning it into a coaster based on the alien invasion described in War of the Worlds, turning that section of the park into a little quote-unquote “horror” section with that, Tower of Terror, and Fantasmic. I absolutely loved that idea, as it would give the movie theme a little more cohesion. These are all really good though!

  5. inflo

    LEAVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLLER COASTER ALONE!!! It’s my favorite ride at Hollywood Studios and Disney’s changed enough attractions in that park already. ???

    1. DB

      I agree! Like the Great Movie ride. The ride they have replaced it with totally sucks!!

    2. Mickey Payne

      I have never been on the ride but I was working the park when it was being built. Engineers telling me about aspects of that ride and their trials and tribulations.
      It’s a great build and a great ride, I just don’t want want to go upside down.
      Thousands of guests told me it was their favorite ride, next to Space Mountain.
      Why change a classic ride?
      Disney got rid of the Great Movie ride and other iconic rides.
      With the pandemic, there not enough funds to build a new ride.
      Heck, as I have gotten older, I miss things like the parking tram to the front gate because of my many injuries sustained as a cast member working 20+ years. I still want to go to the parks with my annual pass but new enhancements are NOT what I want.

  6. David Erdmann

    Keep it, why, because this coaster was designed with rock n roll in mind. You could never put country on this coaster… when you think fast and loud, geez, Aerosmith comes to mind. And yes, I was alw sd ys wondering how in the world Aerosmith Rock n Roll band got to have thrir own coaster…lol

  7. no

    Why would you replace it with one band for another, especially when the ones suggested are comparatively unknown.

    1. Mike

      No, DHS is themed to Hollywood, not just movies. So a ride that features a Hollywood recording studio totally fits.

      1. Anonymous

        Well they are slow destroying that theme and it not actually being used as a hollywood style but more Star Wars related and Toy Story like. Also, they wouldn’t have moved the Great Movie Ride, after all it is one of the main themes of the park. It would truly be a hollywood them park if things like the Great Movie Ride and Art of Animation is bought back, just as long as it would be in a different location. So there!

      2. Let the woke engineers screw this ride up like they did with splash mountain ! Good luck Disney you are slowly closing the park ?

  8. Steve T.

    Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad! No more back stage passes for you! I will be in the super stretch till I die!

  9. Susan

    Why why why? Best ride in the park! If it ain’t broke…

  10. Becca

    You’re daft. Leave a good thing alone.

  11. Samantha N Simmons

    I absolutely love the Aerosmith ride!! Keep it please!!! They change too much already!!

    1. JJ

      I absolutely love this ride and I see no reason to demolish and/or completely change it up, simply because it’s a music theme in a Film themed park. It’s called Hollywood Studios and if anything, they should have more music themed stuff. When I first went on the ride in ’17, I thought Wow, this has to be an old ride, because Aerosmith hasn’t been relevant for some time. I think simply replacing with a new band would be cool. As a matter of fact with the coaster in the shape of a Limo, My thoughts immediately went straight to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters using the song “White Limo” off the album ‘Wasting Light.’ Granted, there’s a curse word in there, but I still think it would be appropriate. I absolutely 100% disagree with most of the musical acts named in the article (outside of Panic at the Disco – I don’t think that would be awful, just not the best being as they do a lot of covers). If it’s gonna be a new band, it should absolutely 100% be a rock band (Not no boy band). Ain’t nothin wrong with the Foo Fighters. Though I’d most certainly be open to other suggestions (just not Fallout Boy).

  12. Borat

    One Direction over Aerosmith? Really? Garbage

    1. Holly

      Millenials. Ugh.

      1. Erin Mitchell

        Millenial here. I think they should leave it alone. And Millenials couldn’t give a flip about one direction. Gen Z maybe, but not millenials.

      2. Cheryl Maden

        Yes..lol hahahah Hahaha…lol..millenials! Although like I said the ride actually convinced my little Millennials to go out and buy a few really really great albums

        1. Michelle

          Little millennials?? I don’t think millennials are the group you think they are.?

    2. Kel

      Exactly what I was thinking! Terrible.

  13. Jeffrey Charles Miller

    Did they run out of room to expand? That’s one of the best rides.
    If you want to talk about redoing or updating something try the tomorrowland Speedway. Lawnmowers on rails.

    1. Matt

      Absolutely! I’ve been saying for a few years now that they should renovate the Tomorrowland Speedway into immersive racing simulators with motion. Make a track that’s a 1:30 long, split the motion sims between more extreme and less extreme, and let the guests have at it in a one lap all out race.

  14. Bill

    Are you crazy? Leave it alone!

    1. Anya

      Leave it alone! It’s a great ride- and I’m sorry, but who don’t love Aerosmith????

  15. Doug Jones

    Leave it alone! Enough said!

    1. Steven Tyler

      Leave it alone. Absolutely no need to change this ride/theming/band. So many things have been ruined in this park.

      1. Raynard Dimapilis

        Steven, I’ve heard you’re working something in Marvel. Why don’t you use a couple more years expansion?

      2. Raynard Dimapilis

        Resign the contract and expansion.

  16. dippydawg

    I think the writer needs to be replaced…Great ride leave it alone

  17. Ms


    How about changing the guitar to coco and making it based on that movie.
    Or Pixar CARS! i think they shouldn’t rip it up and start over, just face lift to match the theme of the park.

  18. Karen T

    Omg! Omg! Omg! I couldn’t agree with you anymore! What in earth does “aerosmith” have to do with Disney?!?!? The ride needs to go. It’s time they replace it with something more Disney themed or a more current band or social theme!

    1. Harry

      then you could say the same about the Tower of Terror as Twilight Zone has nothing to do with Disney, yet that is still drawing in crowds and is one of the best thrill rides in the park!

      It also helps that they are on the other end of the park in there own little corner with the Fantasmic Amphitheatre and what used to be Beauty and the Beast! A top notch area

    2. Andreaa

      If the park is based on movies, why did you get rid of the “Great Movie Ride” it was why I went to Hollywood Studios. Now you want to change another icon. Leave the fan favorites alone!

  19. Joe

    Worst idea ever! Leave it alone. This is the only ride in Disney we would never skip. The combination of speed and music always puts a smile on my face. If you absolutely had to replace the band it would have to be a somewhat similar sound and notoriety. Metallica, Black Sabbath, and yes possibly AC/DC come to mind. No new bands and DEFINITELY no boy bands. Lol. Instead create a new ride for all those other movies. More rides and shorter lines are always welcome.

    1. Raynard Dimapilis

      Joe Perry, I got something to tell you. Seeing this reminds me of your life. I’m sorry I’m a church guy, but I was thinking about remembering guys like you because you were so famous and you did Songs and Things that were awesome. I shouldn’t be saying this here, but I’ll say it once, follow the 10 Commandments and serve people. Take it seriously. Keep trying until he comes to you.

  20. Lori

    Leave the Rock & Roll coaster as is, don’t fix whaaaaaat isn’t broken. There are a lot ppl like myself that want to go back to Disney as often as they can because of staple rides like this. Please leave this iconic ride olone, there are plenty of other rides that can be replaced or changed, just not this one!!!

  21. Shay

    No that’s the best ride there out of all the disney parks

    1. Shannon

      I somewhat agree. I love the ride itself and wouldn’t want the coaster changed but they need to update it. Kids do not know or want to know Aerosmith. I wouldn’t put a new band but change the entire area into 1 theme.

  22. Marty

    How about you re-theme this site to something else?

    Also, to the fools throwing out IPs from children’s movies, as themes to a launched inverted coaster with a 79” height requirement…were you all just really tall kids or are you all that removed from practical reality?

  23. Larry

    Don’t make a single change unless its equals or exceeds the excitement of Aerosmith. For me, it remains the best attraction at HS (although I haven’t experienced the new Star Wars area yet).

  24. Mike

    If they replace it, I hope whatever they install is more reliable. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in line for Rocking Roller Coaster and it’s broken down.

  25. Karen

    I love this ride but if they do re theme it yes Monsters Inc could be good theme

  26. Holly

    Update the ride. Replace Aerosmith with some newer music, but still something classic. Perhaps some newer AC/DC and update some of the scenery. Maybe select the scenery from a music-centric part of the country like Austin or Nashville. It could also use more lighting/strobes/smoke; etc.

    But, those of us who love music would not like to see it removed. I love that it sticks out like a sore thumb in a park full of movie-themed rides.

  27. David

    You’re those type of people that ruin OG rides for People that’s been going as kids

  28. Jamie

    A Monster’s Inc theme here is lo g overdue but I don’t see kids wanting to get on a high speed coaster like that. My kid has been a fan like me of it a long time but I nor her would get on something with the same track as Rockin Roller Coaster. Especially with the loops.

  29. Michael

    What do you have against Aerosmith?

  30. Vicki

    Leave it alone. If you want a cartoon ride, go on Slinky Dog. I love Rockin Rollercoaster!! There has to be some thrill rides!!
    Rock On?

  31. Miranda

    If they MUST change the ride, I would like to see a ride featuring Kronk and Yzma. Having the coaster for when they go to Yzma’s lair would be fantastic – and Rockin’ would be a decent space for that.

  32. Larry

    Agreed that Aerosmith has seen better days and it’s time for a change. Only one band can really “fit the bill” though;

    Timeless, Disney wouldn’t have to pay royalties, and and COME ON! The possibilities are endless. There is never anything wrong with more Muppets.

  33. Melinda Bundy

    Black Panther will really draw a crowd.

  34. Scott Mander

    Okay maybe AC DC but not One Direction This is rock and roller coaster not pop and roller coaster. Even Panic at the Disco is not what I would consider one of the greatest bands definitely not up there with ACDC or Aerosmith. I go with the old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it there’s nothing wrong with the coaster or the theming I look forward to riding it when I do come to that Park

  35. steve

    No!!! I love it exactly how it is. This is crazy talk.

  36. I LOVE THIS RIDE ?? it’s iconic! Nothing like it ! We always choose to go to Hollywood Studios because of this ride! And Fantasmic of course. Music belongs with a movie! I don’t share your opinion-sorry!

  37. Kellie

    No, that ride is so much fun! I disagree with your opinion. That is one of my favorite rides. Panic at the disco would not be a good choice either. Just leave it alone.

  38. Mike Hathaway

    Rock and Roller coaster is a Vekoma corkscrew. Its been around for a while and definitely is showing some of the signs wear on the track and trains. The question is does Disney want to let it get rougher over time, or rebuild the trains and overhaul the track, and when they do that should they keep the layout and theme or change one or both.

    1. Ian James

      The biggest issue is Vekoma doesn’t support the old Arrow style track type anymore. Now that they’re owned by S&S, they have developed a new, much better track type similar to B&M or Intamin’s current track. Also Vekoma doesn’t support LSM launches, moving to LIM launches exclusively.

      Which now means Premier Rides would be needed to support the LIM launch and Chance/Morgan Rides to do trackwork.

      So what should Disney do? Should they continue to pay a lot of money to maintain it, or should it be replaced? I think it should be replaced entirely before the price tag for maintenance becomes prohibited.

      A B&M sit-down coaster with their new in house LSM launch would be the obvious choice, but Disney works with Vekoma and likes working with Vekoma. So maybe a new age launched Vekoma similar to the one at Energylandia? What about a different experience? Maybe one of the fancy new Vekoma Flying Coasters like F.L.Y. at Phantasialand? Maybe something completely different like a variety of the RMC Raptor? Intamin Blitz like Velocicoaster?

      Whatever replaces it needs to provide a big thrill.

  39. Gilbox Ghost

    I don’t understand this viewpoint. The ride is popular but doesn’t fit in so get rid of it? Why does everything need to have uniform theming? Disney shoehorning their movie characters into everything in the park hasn’t been a good thing, it’s a corporate synergy type move to increase merchandise sales. Having some variety with original characters or outside characters from the real world in some of the attractions helps keep things interesting.

  40. Max Hagenauer

    I think this is a good idea. I am not looking at this for me as a Coaster enthusiast because I am not a big fan of the ride but how the GP think of it. I think they should replace it with something more thrilling and more intense unlike any of the disney Coasters are which is why I am not a fan of disney because non of there rides are intense imo. They should take a break from theming and focus on thrills. Maybe an Intamin Mega light with some theming or a Vekoma Burmuda Blitz. What about an S&S free spin or the first Axis. One more idea, the first Intamin hot racer?

  41. Michael Smart

    If Disney wants to keep a music theme but do it with a movie tie-in. I think Iron Man themed ride would be a great idea since other parks are getting a Marvel theme.

  42. Matt Butler

    No, no, no, my 10 year old just got to experience it for the first time and Aerosmith is my favorite band. It became is favorite ride immediately. Do not change it!

  43. Jose

    The only reason I want to go to Disney World is because of the Aerosmith roller coaster when I first got on that ride it was my first time at Hollywood studios and i just loved everything about it and I’ve been on many, many, many roller coasters as I am a roller coaster aholic! The Aerosmith roller coaster is my favorite Roller coaster of all time! ! and that’s a HUGE statement since I’ve visited Ohio Cedar point and got on all the rides And many other theme parks in my lifetime. And Aerosmith is a classic band. There’s too much of our old classics and their memories being compromised. Please understand. Let the fun continue on-

  44. Jose Negron

    The only reason I want to go to Disney World is because of the Aerosmith roller coaster when I first got on that ride it was my first time at Hollywood studios and i just loved everything about it and I’ve been on many, many, many roller coasters as I am a roller coaster aholic! The Aerosmith roller coaster is my favorite Roller coaster of all time! ! and that’s a HUGE statement since I’ve visited Ohio Cedar point and got on all the rides And many other theme parks in my lifetime. And Aerosmith is a classic band. There’s too much of our old classics and their memories being compromised. Please understand. Let the fun continue on-

  45. Rick

    Are you a pass holder? Likely not…..then your option doesn’t really matter….Rock and Roll is a Disney standard..Next you’ll say the Tower out dated….wow…what a joke…..

  46. Kristi

    Disney doesn’t have the rights to use the Marvel franchise in the Orlando parks. That was part of the contract when they bought it.

  47. greg

    The current problem is the preshow looks so dated. As long as you use a real band that will always be the problem, people age, tastes change.

    I am always for something original, and would suggest a society of explorers theme. This could easily tie into the Tower of Terror next door and you could create a more unified land.

    If we were in different times and money was no object I would say to do a total revamp of the entire area. Tear down the Animation Courtyard and use the back lot space between Rockin’ Roller coaster and Animation courtyard and turn them into one big themed land. Add 2-3 Kid friendly DARK rides (No off the shelf or spinners) (Maybe, Wall E, Wreck it Ralph, Jungle Book with restaurant like Pirates at Disneyland) change Rockin’ roller coaster to Emperors New Groove (Pull the lever Kronk) and change Tower of Terror to A Lilo and Stitch ride (Even though I hate the idea, Tower of Terror wouldn’t fit).
    Then you would have a themed land with
    -The Little Mermaid (Show)
    -Beauty and the Beast (Show)
    -Cars (Lightning McQuinn’s racing academy) Show
    -Emperors new groove coaster (formally rockin roller coaster)
    -Wall E
    -Wreck it Ralph
    -Jungle Book
    -Lilo and Stitch (formally tower of terror)
    -A new themed interactive restaurant
    I think the theming, merchandising and overall appeal will greatly help this part of the park.

    1. Anonymous

      Looking for something Original does not foolishly mean at the expense of another. It can go into different location, but leave the current things out of this.

  48. Tom

    If time, money and copyright considerations weren’t a factor a couple of your ideas might be worth considering. However, we live in a time when the ongoing 50th anniversary projects years in the planning and budgeting have been halted, and the bulk of their construction workers furloughed, it’s hard to imagine future new projects getting funded and built when they aren’t planning to complete the current builds already in progress. And the longer that capacity and travel restrictions are in place, the longer it’ll take to finish what they’ve started. It’s taken years to get to this point of completion, and it’ll be many more before any new projects are considered.

  49. Jordan

    Nooo rock and roller coaster is one of my favorites

  50. Heather

    Reverse the cars so that you’re shot backwards and make it emperor’s new groove… And as you wait to be thrust into darkness you hear izma say pull the lever kronk… Sound of lever pulling then you’re off on a ride as izma yells wrong lever!!!!!!

  51. John

    This is the world’s worst idea. You surely must have realized how stupid this was as you were writing it.

  52. kim

    hell no? leave it alone! stupid idea!

  53. Angela

    I love rock and roller coaster it’s my favorite ride please don’t change it

  54. Ray

    They need to keep thr actual ride itself. Maybe a retheme to Guardians and use some of that music. But it is the nest coaster they have in the parks.

  55. Anne

    No.. do not replace the ride. Leave it alone. Its awesome! One of our favorites. Stop putting out those stupid ideas. If you would go to Disney as often as we do, you would realize this is an icon and needs to stay. Not impressed with your idea or suggestions. Rock on Aerosmith.

  56. LL

    This debate could already be decided. It will likely be updated and re-themed as a Cars attraction. I believe I once read of the undeveloped area behind Rockin’ Roller Coaster and towards Toy Story Land will one day be devoted to Pixar. A smaller Cars attraction has already been built and serves people of all ages while the roller coaster is for thrill seekers. The coaster can remain exciting no matter what the theme. Meanwhile, the coaster would no longer have a tie in with Hollywood (as the Aerosmith script eludes) and the Hollywood Tower of Terror would be the stopping point for that particular area.

  57. Jeremy Taylor

    Aerosmith is an American institution of rock n roll. The other acts you listed are not American or they aren’t even rock acts. Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco – Gimme a break! Real American rock n roll is what makes this ride iconic!

  58. Paul

    Every time I’ve ridden the coaster in the recent past I’ve had the same thought. I love me some Aerosmith, but let’s face it, the band is setting into the sunset. It’s a great ride but both the pre-ride technology and the band aren’t current.

    Replacing with another band is doomed to the same fate, unless Disney wants to get on a regular schedule of updating the bands. Which seems pretty messy.

    Disney did it with Incredicoaster (not saying that was a particularly good adaptation, in fact I’m saying it wasn’t good at all) but I could see them trying something more high-tech and entertaining with Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

  59. BONNIE


  60. Rather not say

    The music theme is that in the 70’s or 90’s, sunset boulevard, or specifically sunset strip was a popular place for rock and roll artists to play music. Which is why it’s located so close to the tower of terror. Which was replaced in California, my brother was pretty sad, because it was just rethemed and didn’t have the same feeling. Not to mention it was a huge cash grab. Don’t let the same fate happen to rock and roller coaster, I couldn’t even ride yet. Try watching these videos, it’s a history of the tower of terror and rock and roller coaster.

  61. Anonymous

    Not a chance troll. Only a hater would come up with that. There are plenty of fans who like it as it is. Leave it alone and remove that personal and unofficial blog you wrote.

  62. Adam

    They need to keep that rollercoaster. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by replacing it.

  63. EricJ

    …WHAT is with the flippin’ unmotivated fan-“replacements” lately?
    Are you that frustrated with the parks being down??

    People, I want you to take a good, hard, unflinching look:
    THIS is the face of the Armchair Imagineer fanboy, who can’t feel “connected” to the parks unless he tinkers with them, and can’t think up any new idea except a dark ride or coaster to coast on the latest current trend, that just occurred to him because it was in the headlines.
    These are the people who gave us Stitch’s Great Escape. And Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. And Frozen Ever After. And Tiana Mountain.
    Because WDI didn’t know, and couldn’t heed the warning in time.

  64. Caroline RN

    We LOVE rockin rollercoaster! The music in line, the studio scene with the awesome music and the base cranked!!! All before you even get to the roller coaster part which is so cool!
    What a freaking rush!!
    Our kids are some of the coolest 20 somethings I know, I suppose they are millennials and they love it along with Aerosmith.

  65. Ashley

    I love this ride so much; it’s one of my favorite rides in Disney World! I guess it can use some retheming, though I will miss all the rockin and rollin 🙁

  66. SG

    Rock and Roll IS Hollywood! They sing on stage and perform! This is an amazing ride, one of our entire family’s favorite. Aerosmith is classic rock and roll.
    If you want to keep Hollywood Hollywood, get rid of the new ridiculous M & M train ride and bring back an updated The Great Movie Ride – that’s Hollywood! And remember the back stage tours? Bring back TV and movie making at the park and give us behind the scenes peeps.

  67. Cal

    I think eventually in the future Disney might think about replacing it when the concept but most importantly the theming becomes outdated as Hollywood Studios continues to evolve into something that’s not Hollywood themed. And I have to disagree with the statement that the ride doesn’t have anything to do with Hollywood as rockstars/musicians totally fit into the Hollywood scene. They are all one big happy family with actors, actresses, films and such. Also considering the fact that the ride still draws in huge crowds! Let’s be honest it’s just a plain good ride! Having Aerosmith in there with their music playing and the whole backstage pass at the concert thing is just fun! Now I wouldn’t mind them giving the ride a little update maybe with an updated film for the line queue portion? But you know at the same time who knows these days?! Disney seems to be in the habit of replacing perfectly fine and popular attractions with something completely different.

  68. Josiah

    I think they should keep it the same…but if they were to change it The White Stripes would be an AMAZING option! Think of all the color swirling peppermints, think about blasting off to “Fell in Love With a Girl”, or going upsidedown to “Black Math.” If you think the video for “Seven Nation Amry” or “Blue Orchid” is cool then imagine blazing by it before a giant corkscrew. They’ve got the jams, attitude, and aesthetics the ride needs and they’ve got it in spades.

  69. Peter and Diane Mitros


  70. I always had a fear of rollercoasters, but I didn’t pass the fear onto my daughter. She told me she wanted to ride it. I purposed that I was going to ride it with her. I had about 6 months to mentally prepare. She was 8 years old. My legs were shaking in line. I got on with my 8 year old. I enjoyed it. Tears streaked down the side of my face. I wasn’t afraid anymore. My daughter and I still have that memory. She is now 24.

  71. Cheryl

    Absolutely NOT !! My two sons discovered and joined my love is amazing band After writing this roller coaster update it all you want to maybe but please please don’t ruin any more classic wonderful amazing rides at these parks there is a reason people return generation after generation to share with their family. And I have to say I don’t understand consider never visiting that park again if they got rid of it it wouldn’t be worth it to me how many customers would they lose? I can name quite a few of my friends and family in that count

  72. Kristen

    I love it!!! It is one of the rides we get Fast Passes for and look forward to every visit! Why must all things change???

  73. Andrew Fontanez

    You need to leave Rock n Rollercoaster alone and to be honest if you want more new rides based off Pixar or Marvel it’s time to build. A 5th theme park at Walt Disney World the property has enough space for a another park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is slowly losing its (Hollywood) theme first we lost the Magic of Animation, Backlot Tour, Streets of America, and Christmas Lights Events, and now we lost The Great Movie Ride. Replacing or re theming the rock n roller coaster is the worst idea and another it’s time for Hollywood Studios to expand and the park more bigger and most importantly the park needs its theme back

  74. PK

    They should just go all-in with the star wars theme and change the coaster to an x-wing “test flight”. Leave the coaster as-is but change the atmosphere to a rebel outpost and riders are new recruits on their first training flights

  75. David Phillip-Pritchard

    Change it and do it now; make it Disney related.
    After all, who are Aerosmith? Who is interested in a collection of long-haired has-beens and never will-be’s.
    Monster Inc. is a good start but I’m not 100% convinced.

  76. Raynard Dimapilis

    Yes Sir Please! I’m a Rock n Roll fan. I’ve never been in that coaster before. I want to spin in that version. I was watching theme park walkthrough and unexpected Rock n Coaster was there. The Pandemic was in the way.

  77. Landon

    This shows how little you understand the concept of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Rock ‘n’ roll music had a large presence on the real Sunset Boulevard, which is what the street RRC is on is themed too. This is one of those attractions that doesn’t need or deserve a retheme, it’s perfect as is.

  78. Grant c

    However much I think Disney should keep Rock n Roller Coaster, I would be ok with a P!ATD re-theme. But not something like monsters inc. with a 48” height requirement, y’all must have some really tall kids.

  79. A really great idea is Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band. It’s perfect. I would love to see them take over. The already did some Christmas Carols so it could get an overlay for Christmas. Disney needs to do more with the Muppets(especially the electric mayhem band). I know they might be in Muppet Haunted Mansion later this year, but they need their own ride. I would obviously ride it because I love the band. Lips would have to appear and this is his chance. That would be so cool. While I have never been on it, if they get Aerosmith out I will ride Electric Mayhem. All they need to do is retheme the gift shop to them with specifically merch to the band themselves. This would be a dream come true for me. Or maybe a Darkwing Duck coaster. Many people don’t know about him. Disney would have to bring back the series and add more songs to the series and make them rock and roll. The only Rock and Roll song is Kicking it Baby(The Darkwing Duck rock). While I would love to see a Darkwing Duck overlay on rock’n’rollercoaster I would love for the Electric Mayhem Band to take over. Disney should make them meetable characters again except with their 02 outfits. I would personally love to meet them and ride their ride.

    1. I should also mention that the only attraction to feature the Muppets in the Disney World is Muppet Vision*3D. Zoot is the only member of the band to appear in that experience

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