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  1. EricJ

    So, basically, the same disclaimer Warner puts on its Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry cartoons, only with more back-patting and a URL link.
    At least that means we’re not going to see the vintage stuff cut. (Considering that Make Mine Music is still in restoration limbo.)

    1. TacoCat

      The world has gone stark raving mad. Does that offend someone?

    2. Justin

      Why is Make Mind Music in restoration cut?
      I know the first segment has had some controversy in the past and was even removed from some releases because of the gunplay but, it seems kind of trivial compared to some things that also appear on the streaming platform.
      Also, Pecos Bills cigarette was omitted in many releases but restored on Melody Time on Disney Plus. I really can’t stand Disney censoring movies honestly. I believe Make Mine Music is the only animated feature film not on the platform still.

      I also believe Song of the South should be put on the platform.

  2. Matt

    Yup, I bet you and all the other old white people are breathing a sigh of relief that you can still see racial stereotypes

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Racist definition – a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. By that definition, Matt, you are a racist.

      1. Mark

        Ehh in what sense is he a racist?

    2. Justin

      I feel like some people only look for racism.
      I never as a child ever even thought any of these had anything depicting racism until someone pointed it out. I also feel like films like Aladdin and Pocahontas are just as racist in this sense, hence it is like why some but not others?

  3. Darth Analysis

    They need to put this in front of some of the rides.

    Like Haunted Mansion, “The following ride contains a comical look at suicides…”

    Like the Little Mermaid, “The following ride contains a romanticized look at underage marriage…”

    Like the Disney Skyliner, “The following ride gives the impression that it is okay to look down on people…”

    That would solve everything except Splash Mountain. “The following ride is beyond redemption, but hey, everybody’s gotta have a laughing place, even plantation massas!”

  4. Susan

    Disney just continues to go down the rabbit hole. There is zero reasoning to put this label on anything. If you don’t like the movie don’t watch it.

  5. ROGER

    SAD, JUST FRICKEN SAD! These groups are just as bad as the KKK BLM Skinheads IsIs. Pushing their views on others. Sad!!!!!!!!!!

  6. prince charming

    Censorship is always wrong and unamerican. We do not need the Disney Thought Police to tell us what we should think. Disney has been moving further into partisan politics since they hired Kathleen Kennedy. We watch Disney entertainment to get away from politics and they regret these Nazi tactics.

    1. Darth Analysis

      Thank you, prince charming, it is good to hear a strong conservative thought about censorship.

      Another conservative thought involves government interference in the operation of a business (ie. regulations and all that awful stuff.)

      Since they own them, Disney, as a company, has the complete right to recolor all their cartoons in yellow and green if they wanted. Along these same lines, if Disney wants (and not because they are not being forced by government) to put warning labels in front of their cartoons observing that certain aspects may reflect racial stereotyping, that’s their choice.

      So it’s good to see that this is not true censorship, but rather a business doing what it wants with its product rather than being regulated into it.

      Thank you, prince charming, for bringing up that conservative value and how it is in no way in conflict with what Disney is actually doing. In fact, it supports it. Good for you!

  7. Justin

    Well now that they are doing this they should add Song of the South.

    Also why is Make Mine
    Music not on the streaming service? It is the only animated feature film not on Disney Plus.

  8. Paul

    It’s like any other labeling or warning on movies or music. If it matters to you then it’s really nice to have. If it doesn’t then don’t worry about it.

  9. Melanie Durham

    I am so sick of these sensitive people!

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