Comments for Disney-Pixar’s ‘Soul’ to Debut Exclusively on Disney+

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  1. Thomas

    I was more looking forward to going to a safe space and support a local business and watch it there, but so long as there’s no additional fee I’ll have to put up with a poor buffering minimised version rather than a full immersive experience. Seriously, studios should have faith in their movies rather than just shoving them on a streaming platform that not all people have access to. But I can argue that til i’m blue in the face, I’m just bitter I have to wait another month when I was excited to book my ticket – since cinemas reopened ‘Onward’ has picked up where it left off despite it being on dvd and Disney+ and still doing reasonably well at the box office, so why a dual release couldn’t have been tried is beyond me.

  2. Paul

    Although I prefer a theater experience, I can see why Disney is doing this. People are just not going back to the movie theaters in any significant numbers yet. And let’s face it, that’s smart for now. Cineworld/Regal recently announced closing over 500 theaters in the US and UK. I haven’t “rented” Mulan yet, but I’m getting close. But I think I’ll probably pay for Soul when it comes out. Looks awesome and this is probably going to be the way of things for a while so might as well get used to it.

    1. Paul

      Oops – missed the fact that Disney is going to include Soul with our Disney+ subscription. Happy with that!

  3. J.

    Ughh, we are in a vicious cycle. Movies aren’t rushing to come out because there are still so many closed theaters, and the the theaters that are allowed to open are reluctant to open with not much in the way of new movies out. My local theaters FINALLY reopened last weekend and I fully planned to go see something even if it was an encore showing of something old, but had obligations and didn’t make it there. Now I have heard that my favorite one may be closing at the chain level. We have to get people back to work now.

  4. Nothing inspiring about , being racist toward middle aged white women, why is this comment appropriate in an movie especially a Disney movie

  5. I think in the second movie joe should be 22s dad and they should do all these fun things together that’s all I want to say

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