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Disney Nanny

Credit: @themeparknanny Instagram


  1. Sara

    I can understand families that live there where disney to them is just the local theme park. But for most vacationing families Disney is a big deal. I’m surprised to hear there are people willing to forgo those special memories and let their kid make them with a stranger.

  2. Vincent Caminiti

    Brilliant..I commend this young woman on seizing an opportunity instead of being an entitled snowflake.. starvation is the mother of invention.. BRAVO

  3. Elizabeth Cazabat

    I think this amazing. Often as working parents our jobs get in the way and we have to unfortunately say maybe tomorrow, having a nanny bring them is awesome! Parent can get their job done and the child can have fun instead of being cooped up in a hotel and just going to the swimming pool.

  4. Debbie

    She should start a company and have other nannies work for her. Like Care.com. I would totally be one of her nannies!

  5. Shauna M Pepitone

    I would love to have that job! Maybe I’ll do it when I move down to SoCal.

  6. Sarah Alessi

    Great work, ZTA sister! ???

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