College Student Quit Her Job to Become a ‘Disney Nanny’

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If you went to college and had to find a part time job in order to pay your bills and expenses, you know having to juggle work and school can be very overwhelming. Things get even worse when college students are usually offered minimum wage jobs that are very time consuming or just plain stressful.

That is the exact situation 21-year-old University of Central Florida (UCF) student, Cyan Nardiello, saw herself in. She received a minimum wage payment working at a daycare center, and she wasn’t satisfied with that.

“I wanted more for myself, and I also wanted to work for myself,” Nardiello told In The Know.

It was her dissatisfaction that lead her to create a lucrative and super fun business.


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“I had always loved Disney since I was 13, so I quit my job and bought a Disney pass,” she explained. “I got connected with a family who bought a Disney pass for their daughter, and I offered to take her. Ever since then, I have had the chance to work with several families in and out of the parks!”

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Yep, you read it right, she exchanged her part-time job for to becoming a nanny that takes kids to Disney parks. Nardiello calls herself “Disney Nanny.”

Since then, for the last year, Nardiello has provided Disney Nanny services to local families in Orlando, and to vacationing families too!


Disney nanny vlog 1! So many wanted to know what I do, and this a look into it! #fyp #foryoupage #disney #disneynanny #nanny #razrfit #tiktok

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This is how a typical day in her Disney Nanny job looks like; Nardiello picks the kid from home or school, she lets the kid choose the park and they go there, they ride the rides, meet with characters, eat and just create a lot of fun memories. At the end of the they, Nardiello takes the kid back home and happy.

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With vacationing families, the Disney Nanny usually spends some time with the family before taking the child to the happiest place on earth.

On September 24th, Nardiello started explaining her job on her TikTok. It was an instant hit! She was bombarded with questions and comments of people wanting to know more.

The Disney Nanny also makes her services available, you can book Nardiello starting at $25.00 per hour. She gives discounts if you book 4+ hours or if you are a sister/alumni of Zeta Tau Alpha. You can reach Nardiello at

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How amazing does being a Disney Nanny sound? Would you like to have Nardiello’s job? Would you hire Disney Nanny to take your kids to a Disney park? Let us know in the comments below. 

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