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Disney Parks Medical Officer Responds to Newsom

Credit: ITM Monique Reynoso


  1. Katherine woodward

    Disney has proven they DO lead with a health first model & proven that its safe and effective! I have full faith in the protocols that Disney has implemented.

  2. Val

    I have faith in the Disney companies and know how diligent they are when it comes to health and safety of park goers. So sad it is taking so many people to lose their jobs and the area to suffer economically because of state leaders who will allow people to protest but won’t allow people to gather in a civilized manner – prayers to all the families that this virus has affected 🙏

  3. Summer McRae

    I am very very thankful that I live in Florida and not California during all this.
    Love being able to go to the parks and feel completely safe. I hate it for the Disneyland folks, and for all the people who are suffering because of the “stubborn” unwillingness of state leadership to move forward.
    All I can say is, you guys know what to do next election!

  4. Tony

    While I trust Disney to implement safety precautions and adhere by state mandates I don’t trust people to follow the rules. I have gone out to Redondo Pier and plenty of other places where people just do not follow the rules and precautions. Disneyland or any other theme park will not be different.

    1. Star Wars Sithea

      Disney – both at WDW and shopping venues outside their parks – has already proven they won’t put up w/those not adhering to their health first rules, by booting those out who don’t comply. You can read about those incidents in other posts on this site.

  5. Rich

    Keep it going Governor! California leads the country in so many ways. Looks like you headed to lead California into increasing a mental health pandemic which will be worse than any disease.

  6. Paul R Davis

    I do not see why they keep doing this to them . Disneyland hot hoses the side walk and streets before they open. It is clean enough to eat off the streets .

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