Comments for Disney Fans Tell CA Gov. They Feel Safest At Downtown Disney


  1. Robert

    The issue is the governor isn’t listening to anyone. He has his own reasons why he’s doing the things he does and his keeping no one in the loop. Cries of trying to get things back to a safe normal are met with silence most of the time unfortunately. Catering more to those they themselves have instilled fear into than logic and reasoning.

  2. Tara

    Looks like my family will continue to stay away from Disney World for some time. We can’t wait until they remove the mask requirement or at least relax it to allow other types of face coverings: gaiter type coverings are the only thing I can wear for extended period. My son is on the spectrum and he wears a shield… NO MASK.

    Sad since we’ve been top tier passholders for almost 8 years.

    1. Jacob Wallace

      Imagine being this selfishly dumb

  3. Leeann Jacket

    I agree. I said I felt safer at Downtown Disney than I do at church because everyone is social distancing & wearing masks at Downtown Disney.

  4. prince charming

    This article is a bold face lie. Gov. newsome issued guidelines which would have required Orange County to be in the yellow which he knew was impossible to achieve in the near future. Disney asked the Governor not to present these guidelines because they were totally unacceptable to Disney and the other theme parks. Gov. Newsome has no intention of openning DLR until after the election to help his political cronies Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. In response to these guidelines, Bob Iger quit the Governor’s commission and laid off 28,000 workers. The only person that Newsome is listening to is Pelosi. The Democrat governors have been told by their party not to open anything until after the Nov. elections.


    Governor Newsom ok large family gatherings but not theme parks both outside but family don’t maintain health safety measures and theme parks do. So OPEN THEME PARKS. COVID will increase from family then theme parks. He doesn’t know SCIENCE.

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