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  1. Linda Houle

    Johnny Depp is a Brilliant actor and he made Captain Jack Sparrow come to life!! He truly is Capt. Jack Sparrow and no one else can fill those shoes. Disney had better make sure Johnny Depp is coming back or POTC is going to flop

  2. Karie

    As far as the Pirates movies go unless he is the star of any of the next ones I will not be watching. Disney is making a big miatake not including Johnny. He is a wonderful actor and I could care less about the ex and her garbage.

    1. Jedi Superstar

      I don’t understand Disney at all, they’ve made numerous mistakes, they fired people for no real reason. Since when did gossip turn into a reason to fire people? Look what they did to James Gunn, it was ridiculous. Their policy of political correctness above everything else is making me sick to my stomach and I probably won’t be watching any more of their films in the near future period the only thing I really watch from them anyway is the mandalorian.

  3. Karie

    Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor. I have not always been crazy about every movie but he is very talented. His personal life is his own even on as grand a scale as it is. After reading and seeing so much about their actions i do not believe much of what comes out of Beards mouth. If there are any more Pirates movies I will not be watching any if them if Johnny is not the lead actor.

    1. Dwayne Beyer

      You simply cannot have a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp! It is only my opinion but without Depp as Jack Sparrow, you’ll have a box office flop.

  4. Kady

    I honestly don’t see the point for a sixth film unless they plan on rapping up the story we all started with. Introducing new characters in what’s should be the last film makes no sense. The people love Johnny as Jack Sparrow as well as all the other beloved characters we’ve seen grow over these past five films. Either close there story or be done with the franchise. I will 100% not give Disney the rating if it’s an entire new cast or story. Simple terms: Bring Back Jack!!

    1. Rod

      Social erasure for private experiences has got to stop, as well as as promotion of opinions that only matter because of celebrity status.

  5. Wen

    It says right in POTC: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, that drinking has nothing to do with Captain Jack’s mannerisms or even his idiosyncrasies. It’s when Gibbs is explaining things to Will Turner about why Jack is the way he is and Will even does an impression of a REALLY tipsy Jack and Gibbs tells him that drink has nought to do with it. Leading Will and the audience to believe that it had something to do with the the mutiny on The Black Pearl and what might have happened to Jack during the time he marooned on that little island. Our entire singles group has already decided that we’re not going to attend the showing of the next movie if Captain Jack Sparrow is not in it. After all he pretty much has made the movies…

  6. W.

    Isn’t this the same kind of thing Disney tried to pull on Jeremy Renner? That poor guy had nothing to do with the nutty behavior and crazy innuendos his money grubbing ex was expounding all over Hollywood. But because Disney only listened to a wacko that was seeking her 15 minutes of fame by telling lies about Mr. Renner. They sure came up against a wall when all the Avenger fans rioted and sent petitions and emails etc that protested his unfair treatment by the Disney studio and the MCU world owned by said company. Disney realized that they were reading things into the “news reports” that were totally untrue. They need to pull back on Johnny Depp and quit reading things into his character as well. They’ll loose money if they write Mr. Depp out of the story. And then they’ll say wait that’s not what we meant.
    They need to get some studio heads in there with a few brains in their heads!

  7. Sara

    They have to bring him back if they want another box office hit. We purchased every Pirates of the Caribbean movie so far and without Johnny Depp we won’t purchase any more.

  8. harry

    There is NO WAY thst franchise can continue without Jonny Depp. Any idiot that has seen any of the movies knows this.

  9. Sherry e breshears

    Johnny Depp made the character come to life, brilliantly, intelligent, fun, loving….captain jack Sparrow is what makes the movie special, meaningful and wanting more. I personally will not watch the next pirates movie without Johnny Depp ‘s captain jack sparrow

  10. Ich kann mich den Meinungen nur anschließen! Wenn Disney wirklich das macht, was sie vorhaben, dann gehe ich nicht ins Kino. Dann kriegen die keinen einzigen Dollar von mir! Die können ja von mir aus neue Piratenfilme drehen, dann aber ganz sicher nicht mit dem Titel ,,Pirates of the Caribbean”!

  11. Polly

    I have no idea why Captain Jack Sparrow swaggers, but I do know that swaggering is common for anyone who has been riding the waves aboard a tall ship for some length of time. Also, as a pirate, he could very well have been in some battles that may have resulted in “punch drunk” syndrome. Or, it could have been the rum.
    Keep Captain Jack Sparrow, for sure. But, for God’s sake, Disney, know when to end your films rather than run them 30 minutes longer than where the ending should have happened.

  12. Drea

    I doubt I will see the sixth movie if Depp isn’t in it, he makes the whole movie.

  13. Ich finde dieses Vorhaben von Disney völlig irrsinnig!
    Hauptsache sie kriegen ihr Geld und stehen gut da.
    Das Verhalten von denen ist einfach nur respektlos,
    feige und unverschämt!
    Wenn Disney wirklich die Besetzung ändert, dann sehe ich mir den Film nicht an. Die kriegen nichts von mir. NICHTS!!! Verrecken sollen sie an ihren Geldgeilen A***h.

  14. Nicht wundern über ein paar schreib-oder Grammatikfehler.
    Diese Seite hat das irgendwie falsch übersetzt.
    (Genauso auch bei black flag )

  15. Marilynne

    I would not see a movie in which the character of Captain Jack Sparrow is portrayed by an actor other than Johnny Depp.

  16. Didi

    They put him in the ride and now they want to leave him out of the movies?! It just doesn’t make sense.

    They can try to make a good pirate movie without Johnny Depp but it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without Capt. Jack. His absence will overwhelm everything else.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Watch them try to take him out of the ride now! Just to be politically correct! SMH!!!

  17. Brandon

    How is your his article? This is OLD news. Like… years old.
    Way to keep up with the latest Disney news. ??‍♂️

  18. Pauding

    Every time he plays as Jack Sparrow, I laughed at them, he’s the birthplace for the role of Jack Sparrow. No one will play her as well as he .????

  19. Jill

    Disney knows him by now,.and that hes brilliant . He hasn’t been convicted of anything, nor has he been charged. But yet Disney is willing to sacrifice a franchise. If you look at most all comments you can see what most of us are saying ! Most of us can read between the lines and know hes a great guy! Disney can listen or not ,but for me I will not watch any new POC without him . And any respect for Disney about done. Light that smile Johnny ! 🙂

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