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Disney+ price increase

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  1. EricJ

    A: Add some actual vintage live-action titles.

    Next question?

  2. Steven

    If Disney was smart, they would start by releasing ALL of their already-created content. They still have tons of great Disney movies and shows and cartoons and whatnot that they haven’t released for some reason. For example, the old Zorro tv show, Swamp Fox, the old Disney sing-alongs, etc. If you do a Google search, you’ll find lists of all the content that Disney owns that they still haven’t put on Disney+ for whatever reason. They need to start by releasing all of that to Disney+.

    They would also be smart to dive into some already-created stories they already own the film rights to. For example, they could create a Disney+ show based on the Young Jedi Knights Star Wars book series.

  3. Save Disney

    Or…..pay all of their employees to retain them. 28,000 people whose lives will now change forever. People who gave their lives to work for Disney. And in return…..terminated.

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