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  1. davis

    people were not going and now they are bc they are seeing how safe it is besides might as well get back to some pt of normal! I can tell you from a security perspective the smaller parks like dhs & mk will always look crowded they can have 100 people and will be crowded! No crowds have changed this is not universal!

  2. prince charming

    The additional people in the park are AP which can now get reservation because Cheapo Chapek wants everyone to believe that people are eager to go to WDW. The paying customers are smart enough not to pay full price for less than half the entertaiment. You can tell when Cheapo Chapek is lying when his lips are moving.

    1. lydia

      Stop w your nonsense and think for a min will you we are in a crisis people are dying or getting very sick this isnt normal and maybe to many vacations arent as important as their lives!!!! Did you think they do not care about the parks as much as them being healthy and alive!!! I am sorry but for you to constantly bring up ent etc as an excuse half those shows are empty bc no one cares fireworks give people the time to run on rides wo waits no one cares about those things unless your a tourist!!! Give me a break!!!! Beyond that i have met plenty of folks from out of town so there not just aps going in!

      1. prince charming

        No one with any common sense believes that all of a sudden the parks are full. Disney can not have it both ways. They tell us that they are keeping the number of people in the park down while also saying that the parks are full of paying customers. If you and your crazy relatives like paying full price for less than half a park, you are free to go but the majority of people will not patronize WDW until the mask are gone and all the park entertainment is reinstated. AS a chemist that analyzes covid-19 samples every day, I can tell you that none of the scientists trust the results from these PCR tests. These tests detect covid-19 genetic material(RNA) not covid-19. The true number of infected Americans is quite small compared to the “common cold”.

  3. Katherine

    It’s time we begin parades again. The dancers are crucial to the spirit of DisneyWorld!

  4. SG

    We were there yesterday and it was very crowded! Everyone wore their masks and were 6 ft apart but the min wait was 30 mins, most were over an hour! We need Fast Pass back! It was 30 mins JUST to enter the shops on Main St!
    The Not So Scary Halloween party was disappointing. The decorations were cute but we were there 4 hours and only saw 2 mini parades, adorable but scant. Last month they had mini parades like every 30 minutes which was great because you couldn’t miss it if you wanted to, lol. The guests were fun to watch though. Some costumes were so elaborate it was hard to tell if they were guests or cast members, but they didn’t have “handlers”. And the “treats” were non existent. We did see a CM holding a cinnamon roll with purple icing at Starbucks, Joffrey’s has pumpkin spice coffee, whoopie!
    So we can recommend a VERY nice walk in the park but not much else.

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