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  1. Robert MacLean

    Good for that group. Its always nice for everyone when you reach out and do something kind.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow. So there’s already 18% included gratuity with the check and they are mad that they didnt get tipped on top of that? I don’t get it, I work at a restaurant and since covid atleast 20% of my checks have 0 tip on top of 0 tip. They should be lucky to be able to auto gratuitize their checks. What a slap in the face to the probably hundreds of thousands of people in the service industry that don’t get tips anywhere near this.

    1. Ryan

      Thank you! I was also confused (and irritated) about this. Even if this server didn’t already get an automatic 18% gratuity (which is actually a fee, by the way, and NOT a gratuity), the customer had no obligation to tip, as a gratuity is voluntary, not mandatory. Not to mention, for all we know, the service could have been terrible. This just sounds like someone crying on the internet because they want to feel like some kind of oppressed victim. I worked in the food industry for over a decade; sometimes people don’t tip. Boo hoo, get over it.

      1. jim

        You and OP have terrible reading comprehension. The images you saw are NOT the original story tip-stiffer’s receipts. These are the good hearted people who tipped extra. Google the original story.

        1. Elizabeth Dingley

          Original receipt calculated what 18% would be for dummies who can’t do math…. it wasn’t actually added on though, recruiter also shows 20% tip calculated .

          1. prince charming

            right you can calculate 18% in your head.

      2. Debbie

        She did receive bad service and the food wasn’t good which she stated. This has gotten so big and ugly. I really like the lady who this happened to- don’t know her personally but follow online. If the service is bad I’m not tipping 18%

        1. Ellen

          AJ Johnson sells a book of money saving tips that are found for free elsewhere, charging hundreds of dollars to the suckers that buy it. Some of her tips are really sketchy, and some, if followed could get people in trouble with the IRS. She also suggested cheating Disney by using loopholes to get free stuff, like photos and room upgrades. She’s vile, and bragging about stiffing a server is right in line with her usual behavior. BTW, she changed her story several times, the complaints about poor service and food came out only after she was called out for her wretched behavior.

          1. persephone

            Whether or not you like AJ has no affect on HER experience on HER tip!
            It is up to the customer at time of patronage to decide whether the service and/or food was at a level that needed a tip. You are NOT required to tip a server just because they served you! A tip is part of the evaluation… and as a server, it is not an expectation of the customer to give you one! And AJ does not have to explain herself to the Disney mafia. Calm your panties Ellen and stop being judgemental!

    2. Kellie Dolan

      The 18% is not an automatic tip most of the time. The person who raised the $250 to tip the server used Tables in Wonderland for a 20% discount on their meal. When you use Tables, there is an automatic tip of 18% added. Only those who use TW for the discount get the tip added. So the original story was for someone who didn’t tip at all, they didn’t have any added as they didn’t use Tables. The second raised tip the second person left, if you look at that receipt, there is not added tip, only suggested ones. They did not have Tables, they have DVC and got a discount, but with that one no tip is added.


      It wasn’t included, it was only suggested.

      1. Blessed

        You are completely incorrect!!! This is a “Tables in Wonderland Reciept!” Server always gets at least 18% many times more!! So save your beyond poor pitiful cry! You are not knowledgeable on this incident! Research bc obviously you are not able to think or go beyond the story to find the facts!
        “Tables In Wonderland” y’all’s a holder you pay upfront in full at least $200.00 plus the Disney passes! Before the assumptions are made look it up as this is beyond exhausting and this server was truly TIPPED AND WELL DID PHENOMENAL WINNING IN THEIR BS AS A VICTIM!!

        As a platinum plus holder multiple years $10,000 of dollars spent year after year and holder of Tables and a former server and trainer in the Hospitality industry, this is a disgusting example of unfairness as this server got at least 18%!
        Sad they didn’t understand the way Tables and Disney restaurants work!!
        Yet scream they are a victim!!

    4. Ken

      Why is a tip mandatory? A tip is called a tip because you want to give something extra to the server for doing a great job. It is not up to the customer to pay the wages outright. If it was mandatory it would be a service fee, not gratuity. If the service was bad, why would the server expect a tip? A tip is earned through better than normal service. It is not a right. To people who way “well servers aren’t paid enough” yes that’s true but the person applying for the job knows exactly what they are getting paid for the work they are getting. Anything extra should be gravy and not something they should expect all the time. Expecting a tip all the time is like expecting a thank you from people for you taking a shower so you don’t stink. It’s something have to do regardless of whether or not you get thanks for it.

      1. Spencer Welch II

        You’re absolutely correct.

  3. Uhh, so you’re not going to give Kyle Gossman credit for raising over $1400 through his GFM for this server too?

    1. Erjen

      There is a whole part of the story about a “Kyle G”.

  4. Pookie

    I am truly confused. If an 18% tip is included in the charges then they DID leave a tip. What am I missing?

    1. Jim

      You have terrible reading comprehension. The images you saw are NOT the original story tip-stiffer’s receipts. These are the good hearted people who tipped extra. Google the original story.

  5. Salome

    So now it’s an obligation to tip. I thought it was your choice

    1. Jim

      Probably too many people stiff the servers.

      1. Deb

        My family and I had a meal not great not awful either, when our server came to collect the plates she dropped food down the front of my top I didn’t complain and we still tipped her, the poor girl was horrified but s..t happens

    2. mindy

      I think that’s the problem. A lot of the servers “expect” a good tip and feel “entitled” to a good tip regardless of the service they give. They need to realize a tip is an added bonus for doing a great job.

      1. Belle

        Except most restaurant workers make less than minimum wage, and this is legal because “tips make up the difference” except when people feel entitled to belittle wait staff by not tipping. At what point does service begin deserving a tip in your eyes?

        1. mindy

          When the service is good, they’ll get a tip. If you bring out the wrong food, or it’s cold when its supposed to be hot, or it took twice as long as it should have taken, you won’t get a tip. Not leaving a tip in those situations is not “belittling” the wait staff. Nice try though. And before you reply and say “but that’s not the wait staff’s fault”, most of the places I go my tip is shared amongst all the staff not just the waitstaff.

        2. Alex

          no one feels entitled not to tip, by definition a tip is earned not just given

  6. Tabitha

    The person who stiffed the waiter is a known con artist suggesting ways to save money at Disney. This was probably one of her methods.

  7. chris

    I’m glad this person made money. However, tips are not an obligation. Only in the USA do people feel entitled to a tip.

    1. Dan

      Chris, that’s because only in the US do servers make under $3 an hour. Sheesh.

      1. anthony

        and thats probably why the servers in the USA feel entitled to a tip regardless of the service! do a great job, get a great tip!

  8. Melody

    Tipping in the US is sadly almost mandatory. I work food service, our server base pay is only $5.50. The rest of their income is supposed to be filled up by tips. So yes, I suppose technically “tips aren’t mandatory” is a true statement, but it’s a shallow one that belittles and belies the waitstaff and what they have to go through just to make a living

  9. Vinny

    Anybody want to give me some money from a one penny tip from a dr in palm brach gardens postmates delivery. She first was like oh i dont have cash on me to tip i informed her that tipping is done in the app…now im very used to getting zero tips but a penny is is a little more insulting. People who use food delivery expect everything for free but somehow its customary to tip servers or other food delivery when driving is 100x more dangerous and risky.

  10. Melody

    I never tip because it is my money not theirs.

    1. Todd

      Make your own food and serve yourself then.

      1. Kevin Lee Myers

        You don’t tip the McDonald’s jockey for making and bringing me my food, so screw the servers. I don’t tip when I pick up my pizza. Why pay someone to do their job? That’s their employer’s job, not mine. And if they don’t like that I don’t tip, they should get a better job. They made the poor life decision to become a server, not I. Not my problem, but it’s my money.

  11. Paul

    Reading some of the comments here reminds me of the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

    1. Sharon

      Your right Paul! My sentiments exactly. I don’t ever not tip when I go out. That’s just not classy to me. I usually tip 20 percent. If it’s not good or a really cheap meal than it’s less than 20 percent. I would say a tip is expected even when your at a restaurant they have a scale great service, average service, mediocre service and than they give you a percentage to go by. I’ve always had good service at most places I’ve went too. People are rude as hell these days! Times aren’t like they used to be. To spend that much at a restaurant 116.00 and not tip is crazy! Since COVID happen I even tip a lil for carry out if my service was good. I won’t even go out to dinner with someone that doesn’t tip or is a lousy tipper. It’s just no class and I will embarrass my guest.

    2. Sharon

      Yes I agree! Glad they got there money it was just by a different person. I see waiters and waitresses and they love to see me i see why now. I’m always a good tipper maybe people get bad service cause there known bad tippers.

  12. BR

    What’s gross is that we live in a world where servers provide garbage service… I followed this incident as it was happening and know this person regularly tips over 20%. This person instead of sucking it up then goes online posting private information and people reward this by giving somebody who sucks at their job more money??? This person was not a victim. They should’ve been fired.

    1. CKM

      What’s gross is that this broad is a scammer who takes advantage of people planning trips to Disney World *and* of Disney Cast Members. She keeps changing her lies about this specific instance of her garbage behavior and her deluded followers keep swallowing it.

  13. Papito

    If you rely on other people’s generosity to pay your bills, that makes you a fool. So dont complain when someone doesnt like the service you provided. And DONT blame the kitchen. Stop crying, and grow a pair.

  14. Elizabeth D

    I have tables in wonderland. It looks like the customer did too. As soon as you hand it to the waiter with your credit card, you get 20% off everything as well as an 18% gratuity added in. There is no contesting this charge.
    I see two receipts- one where tables was used and the waiter was tipped and the other that included all the crowd fund money that was raised.
    Am I missing something? Did the original customer not have a tables card and therefore didn’t pay the added in 18% gratuity? And if that’s the case, why post the receipt online? Both receipts show a tip. One shows a $20 tip and the other shows a $1400 tip. The server was tipped in both cases.
    Is there a third receipt that shows the actual no tipping offense occurring? If so, he should post that.
    I assume the story is legitimate as the customer is trying to justify her non tipping. But again- where is that actual receipt? Did the manager take the 18% tables charge off the bill somehow? Then where is that receipt?

  15. Jay

    I think tipping for good service is fine and it is true that most servers get less about 5.50 an hour from employer. It is also true that each server gets more than 1 table an hour so if you pay the 18% tip these servers would be getting over 25.00 an hour.

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