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Disney Move Theaters


  1. Bob

    Does antitrust not mean anything anymore?

  2. Can Hamlin

    As an investor, I don’t see this being a great move for Disney. The future in movie viewing is first run viewing at home. The idea of limiting a theater to only one producers movies makes no sense either. If the market grows it will be because movie viewing is re-engineered not because of purchasing AMC.

    Lots of overhead and lots of marketing hurdles. Try subscription to Disney on line with a opportunity to view first run movies at a fair price in the home.

    1. Dale

      I feel like there’s no better movie experience than the spectacle of watching a big loud blockbuster on the biggest screen possible (IMAX!). It’s the same reason why people still go to sporting events when they could watch the same event at home for free with better seats, better snacks, and the ability to pause the game. There’s something special about committing to the spectacle with (hopefully) no distractions from kids, phone, etc, that makes that escape for me so exciting. TV and Disney+ are fine for dramas, comedies, and kid movies, but I will continue to support theaters and hope they fully reopen soon, and studios start moving movie dates earlier.

  3. Paul

    First, the lawsuit you referenced had NOTHING to do with Disney. It was the US government that filed the suit to dismiss the 1948 decree. There’s absolutely no basis for ITM to lead with “Could Disney Buy AMC” – in fact I can’t find a single article that shows Disney has had any interest in buying AMC. What the heck are you folks smoking, and it must be some good stuff so for heavens sake share it with the rest of us.

    But, that aside, we used to have 3 multi-screen movie theaters operated by different chains in our town, plus a few one-screen art-house independents. About a decade before the pandemic, 2 of the 3 multi-screens theaters closed because there simply wasn’t enough business. The only art-house screen left is with our local, non-profit art and theater center.

    That’s market reality, and I get that. But if our one remaining movie theater became owned by one movie company, and all we saw were Disney or Lionsgate movies? That would suck. We could end up driving 20+ miles just to see movie from a different company. Or the reality, we’d never do that.

    1. Kevin M.

      Paul you make so good points and some flawed points. Yes there are hundreds of towns across the US that have seen independent Theatres fall due to lack of support , for years a long time certainly prior to the COVID-19 .
      There Demise was not there size but there ability to stay fresh and current.
      It’s nice mom and pop owns a 1-2 screen theatre and that has its charm and worked 50 yrs ago , with the right business model an investor or 2 these mom and pop places can Survive.
      Now as theatres expand to 20-30 screen ,offer 3D, IMAX or both with full bars and full kitchens In this case Disney has demonstrated over the years to be fair and use
      competitors as collaborators .

      1. Paul

        Well, I think you’ve also made some good points and some flawed points! 🙂

        Only the couple of art house theaters were single/double screen. The 2 theaters that closed had 8 and 12 screens and were associated with major theater chains. Our current theater has 16 screens.

        Having had some direct experience with this, Disney can be brutal with suppliers and partners. They have a reputation for delaying payments, questionable contract interpretations, and taking advantage of leveraged supplier dependency relationships.

        That said, Disney is brilliant at contract negotiation and optimizing revenue. If it’s to their advantage to partner with other movie companies then I have no doubt they will. But similarly, if that relationship isn’t profitable enough or causes other grief they would have no qualms about ending those relationships, even at a short term loss.

        So, I’m just not that optimistic about their behavior in this space.

  4. SG

    No no no. This is lawlessness! We have two movie theaters, in our small community. One was just bought by AMC, the other is still a struggling local company. We try to patronize both but not with this pandemic.
    The government needs to keep them (and all businesses) afloat until this pandemic passes, which it will.

  5. Kevin M.

    Although 20-30 yrs ago this might seem to be touching in Antitrust laws as movie theatre only had 3-5 screens, now these theatres are 20-30 screens and serve a nice meal, serves alcohol, that being said Disney could show there’s brands along with several other brands
    Such as 20th Centry , Paramount , Liongate and yes even Universal Studios People are thinking the big screens are dead and this can not be further from the truth .
    For example: sporting events the best view is on TV but it lacks the Wow factor the electric vibe and excitement were theatres offer the big screen experience the Wow factor of 3D IMAX movie and a great dinner that you don’t get at home sitting on the couch . Disney has demonstrated for decades when it takes over a company there standards are unmatched and bring new life and excitement .

  6. History Repeats

    Why get excited over even less choice in movies… But you will get better sound? Isn’t this roughly what net neutrality was about- Comcast could control distribution and content and thus slow netflix or make them pay?

    Smaller movie studios are even less likely to get distribution in a theater or streamed online because now disney can control it all? Didn’t we go through all this already in slightly different form? But… FANTASIA!!! Aren’t the the two or three companies controlling movie theaters controlling our choices enough without the vertical integration? Or does the writer not know the history of AT&T, Standard Oil and monopolies? Try rooting for the return of the local theater and smaller chains. Maybe those “lesser” movies will get a chance while disney builds a home theater business to get people the theater experience at home, complete with $20 new releases.

  7. SteveOh!

    Yes! Now they can install hydraulic seats and bring a bit of Disney World to everyone, and literally add a whole new dimension to movie viewing.

  8. Troy

    Not since the alt right has taken over.

  9. Matt Brewster

    Granted, this would help Disney, BUT other studuos would also be free to buy the other chains! The smaller studios who are left out might be driven into bankruptcy. The net result for the movie industry would be very negative.

  10. Christopher Ruiz

    Disney will save this theatres, then count me in!

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