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  1. Tina

    Disney has an incredible safety record. They‘ve proven themselves during this Covid crisis. What hangs in the balance is thousands and thousands of jobs in the community. Small business owners and people who just want to go back to work Are left without jobs and unable to pay their rent and mortgages.

    If the governor is doing this for some political reason, he should know that a lot of Business owners and employees in Anaheim California are Democrats and we feel abandoned by our Democratic leaders.

    1. Juan

      When you vote for big government that’s exactly what you get

      1. jason

        We have a winner!

  2. Jason

    When you have no plan or direction, simply take the most drastic measures possible. Seems to be how these leaders are thinking. Its been 7 months, still no plan or direction.

    1. Jenn

      Unfortunately Orange County where Disneyland sits is heavily Republican and has been very critical of Newsome. If this is playing politics, this is absolutely horrendous! Wondering if Newsome is pushing for some kind of “concessions” to put in his war chest for his eventual presidential candidacy…

  3. DAnn Carbaugh

    Why does California think they are any different from WDW, Shanghai etc?

  4. Walter Hale

    Newsom is like a real mickey mouse ! No plan no sense government biggest loser winner soon he’ll only be governing illegal’s as cali exidese gears up, look at his foolish decisions bunch of cracker jack prizes there

  5. Christie Miller

    Recall New
    some. This is ridiculous. The effect on the job’s, the economy and peoples mental well-being mean nothing to this egotistical dictator.

  6. mJ

    Disneyland needs to pack up and move to Texas. Maybe right between Houston and Dallas. California not only would loose a huge tax payer, tourists money and it would also take the hotel industry money in the area too. But please Disneyland corporate offers please stop supporting the Democrat party. After all their the ones doing this to you.

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