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  1. Amanda D Hill

    In the movie It appeared he was in love. Bring in images of him getting married and having a child. The child can follow in his footsteps. Do another appearance in the afterlife like in the first movie, to reunite this father and son.

    1. C, Jr.

      Amanda, that would be a perfect idea. They could show flashbacks of a Royal Wakandan wedding with T’Challa marrying Nakia. The Dora Milaje could be the Bridesmaids and the Male Counterparts could be the groomsmen. Maybe during the ceremony, some drama happens, and T’Challa is called to fight. Then everyone joins in, and later, after a brave, glorious fight, T’Challa passes in Nakia’s arms. Then we cut to a scene where Shuri is crowned the next Black Panther, and as part of her coronation, she has to visit the spirit realm to get counsel from T’Challa, T’Challa’s Father, and her Grandmother. Would be a good send-off, as well as a huge tearjerker.

  2. MsB

    Yes, use gci, we would love to see Chadwick once more time to say goodbye.

    1. Anna Carter

      Yes of course use it may he rest in heaven

  3. Thats great ! if you can’t use his voice recordings let me voice over it, anyway I hope this continues with his son taking the throne after Shuri as Stormy& T- challa’s son.

  4. Misha

    Anything to see T’Challa
    Chadwick Boseman again. And I think I should be in black panther 2

  5. H. Walden

    My dream scenario would be for a dying cgi T’challa giving Michael B Jordan the “black panther serum” to bring Jordan’s character back to life to ultimately transition from villain to black panther hero. The movie could showcase Jordan’s struggle to learn & embrace how to become a good king

    1. C, Jr.

      I LOVE that idea and I always envisioned Killmonger joining forces with Wakanda.

  6. Katrell Faison

    What if this there was a Black Panther that comes from the multi- verse. In his universe, He’s the lone survivor of Wakanda. Wakanda gets totally destroyed. In this Universe, Wakanda loses T’Challa. When the universes crosses, He comes here. He does not look like the T’Challa of this universe, but he knows everyone in his family and he explains who he is and where he comes from.

    To be honest, as a comic book fan, The Black Panther has more stories to tell. I know people feel that it is too soon to replace him, but how many Supermans , Batmans, even Spider-mans we had? Every comic book artist has their own style of drawing and there are times when characters are being rewritten. Starting a new story of Black Panther is just like creating another storyline. Don’t get me wrong, Chadwick Boseman did a fantastic job. He wasn’t the character. He only played the character. I’m certain that there are others who can play the character if you gave them the chance. If Hugh Jackman does not return to the MCU and they replace him to play Wolverine, do you honestly believe that He can’t be replaced? Are you going to cancel out one of Marvels favorite X-Men? I don’t think so. I say, finish off this storyline and move on with another actor to play him. We barley have any Black superheroes out there as it is.

    1. KGS

      You make a very good point. It’s just really hard to get over it because Chadwick was so amazing. I do hope they do continue the franchise.

  7. MP

    Having Chadwick being a part in BP 2 will give tribute and closure to his legacy as a prolific actor!!!

    RIL Chadwick Boseman

  8. Joshua Selig

    As long as the family of Chadwick Boseman are happy about this being done and are kept in the loop then I think this would be a good idea.

    Black Panther is a mantle and the obvious choice as has happened in the comics and I think was likely to happen in any case by a BP3 was for Shuri to take over as BP.

    Unfortunately, with the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman this would be moved to BP2, as to how T’challa dies in the MCU. In the comics, Shuri becomes BP after T’Challa is rendered comatose by Dr Doom, however, considering the tease in endgame it wouldn’t surprise me if this was replaced by Namor leading to a confrontation between Wakanda and Namor/Atlantis.

  9. SiriusBreak

    This is as much a double edged sword situation as any could be. Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa was so spot on it’s gonna be difficult to find someone who could adequately fill the role. At the same time, axing the character prematurely in an effort to avoid a recasting is also a tough pill to swallow.

    The CG work these days is unbelievable. It would be wonderful to see Chadwick Boseman from beyond the grave in such a manner. I can see why some wouldn’t want it to happen. Respect for the dead and paying tribute. I get it. All the same, I also see a need to finish the character’s story arc.

    Whatever direction Marvel Studios decides to go will inevitably be done with the absolute best in class. Basically, I trust them to do whatever’s best in the grand scheme. They’ve spent over a decade building this and there’s no end in sight. The loss of Chadwick Boseman for sure will put them to the test.

    1. Johnny Mitchell

      I Think That The CGI Technology Of Today Is Great And Should Be Used To Recast Bozeman As The Black Panther While Killing Off The Bozeman T’Challa Panther Character Thus Allowing Shuri To Become The Black Panther So That Will Ensure The Survival Of This Great Franchise.

  10. VetMom

    As a Bond fan I think my King should be killed off and replaced to keep franchise. I personally want Killmonger back with Suri. I’m mad L Boogie can’t be on next soundtrack!

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