Comments for New Permit Shows Carousel of Progress Getting Ready for Construction


  1. Ed

    A favorite CLASSIC and “ must-do”, even for those who know the script word for word!

  2. Paul

    My vote, for what little it’s worth 🙂 is keep the old scenes the same. They are just too nostalgic and fun.

    But when we get to the future not only update it, but do it in a way that allows the show to morph over time without huge investments in work. For example, Disney’s been logging a lot of very cool VR patents lately that I could see applying here. Or even just the latest in animatronics and other tech.

    A guy can dream, right?

    1. Dean

      While Acts 1,2,and 3 are fine, Act 4 needs a complete gut. The home is hopelessly stuck in 1980. Today’s homes are more modern than this. The other thing they should do is rip out the curtains in the load and unload stages. And replace them with the kalidophonic screen from the fair and DL’s version. Much more futuristic than curtains that look like something for a 1950s piano concert. If they lay a series of widescreen tv monitors sideways. Recreate the original pulsating screen look using CGI, and they got themselves a modernised Carousel of Progress!

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