Comments for Fans Want Cameron Boyce to Get a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

cameron boyce

Credit: Tommaso Boddi, Getty Images


  1. Ken G

    I know that anyone can nominate someone as long as they fit the criteria. He was a good TV actor and apparently a very good person.
    But I would not say he was a great actor and that is probably true for most of the actors of these type of shows (Disney Channel. Nickelodeon, etc.). The shows are all basically one-liners strung together in the same formula. Perfect for their audience and they can be somewhat entertaining, but still very simplistic and rarely do these actors break out of that.

    Also, did they bother to look at the Walk of Fame website? Because it says, “Posthumous awards require a five-year waiting period.” So either way it will take quite awhile before he can be submitted.

    1. Kelvington

      Actually, you only need 40k to get a star on the walk of fame, their CV is far less important. If you have the cash, you can get a star.

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