Comments for CA Business Owners Call on Disneyland’s Reopening for Survival


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  1. Sean

    Even though the pandemic is still on going I believe the theme parks can safely operate with the guide lines. I also believe that once the parks opens the cms that didn’t get laid off can get back to work which would release the burden of the edd and the cms can possibly make a little more money. Im extremely confident that once the park opens and once we get some normalty that the cms that were laid off can get their jobs back.

    1. janie

      theres are an issue of saftey in the fires that are still burning here or medical professionals say we should not even be outside in it as long as we do not have to in fear of lung issues and death arising! My family and i are no longer safe where we live goes for a few of my fellow batuuans as well… going back to wrk is not #1 to us covid or no covid!

      1. Corey

        I live 5 miles from Disneyland and the closest fires are in the Angeles National Forest and it’s literally been weeks since they’ve issued an air quality warning due to the fires. The parks could open safely and people could get back to work which is what is needed. Unfortunately there’s a few employees who don’t want to go back to work (like you based on all your comments) but still expect to get paid.

      2. Janie

        oh none of the people i know expect to get paid! Esp w the layoffs going on we are happy still being furloughed and safe at home awaiting our posts!

        1. Corey

          safe at home cashing those unemployment checks every week while complaining how unsafe it is to go back to work! ha! got it!

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