Comments for State Officials Visit Disneyland: No Additional Protocol Requested So Far


  1. Jerry

    This sounds promising but can you trust him? How long will he keep this state closed and to what end?

    1. PekaFisherman

      If the election does NOT go his way, (meaning the left), then the parks, and the state, will stay closed indefinitely, with MORE excuses as to why he won’t allow operations.
      If it goes THAT way, the parks, and the state, will be allowed to open and be fully operational, by Thanksgiving week.
      This is nothing more than a political game, at this point, and with his hypocrisy, is it ANY surprise, any longer?

      1. Agree one hundred percent. California, you may want to consider voting Emperor Newsom out of office when you get a chance.

  2. Ema Slawson


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