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Walt Disney World Birthday Cake (Right) Walt Disney World Logo (Left)


  1. davis

    they already painted the castle and no to the pepto cake please no that cake gave people nightmares and it took yrs to take down!

  2. Thomas Nicolai-Vargas

    The castle just got painted and looks lovely ! I would say hard no on making it look like a cake again. I am sure they can tart up the park in other ways.

  3. Carolyn

    We took our kids to Disney their first time in 1996 having no idea it was the 25th anniversary and we all loved the cake castle! Although I don’t think it would be the best choice for the 50th, I do think it was fun for the 25th!

  4. Jim

    Well this may be your opinion, it was the most complained about item in history in Disney World guest services ever and nothing will ever come close to that record. The legal departments recommendation, it became guest relations policy that if anybody said that they saw the pictures of the castle on a brochure and that is what they expected to see, they gave them admission tickets to come back again and see the castle as it was in the brochure they song to avoid a class action lawsuit, for fraud. No BS.

    It will NEVER happen again.

  5. Ken G

    Sorry but I totally disagree with you, and you brought up the exact points why I do.
    I was there for the 25th (actually it was in 1997 but the castle was still in birthday mode). So I did see it, and admittedly at the time I liked it. However, I had been to Disney World several times before. My friend though hated it because this was his first time there and wanted to see the actual castle, not some Candyland thing! And as I look back now, it just made the park look cheap.
    I recall in fact that one of the sides of the largest turret had to be re-attached while we were there, so for a couple of days the real castle was peaking through! (Like it was saying “release me!).

    And as others have said, they just painted the castle for the 50th anyway.

  6. Joyce Rossi

    That cake decor was beneath Disney! Awful to the extreme.
    We just are getting used to new paint colors.
    No no no!!!!

  7. Lisa Yetman

    I have only one word for my answer: “NO!”

  8. Sue

    Turning The Castle into a cake was a nightmare. It angered the guests because they could not get the photos of the traditional Cinderella Castle and that’s what they wanted not some Pepto-Bismol candy cake castle. It was a pink monstrosity that even affected the wedding pavilion because there was no beautiful castle in the background. Just the nightmare.

  9. Billbodoggins

    I loved the cake castle. My wife and I got married December of ’96 and went there for our honeymoon. It’s a cool photo to have. That being said…it’s a one and done thing. I don’t think it needs to be repeated. I was great…once.

  10. Skpluto

    Kill the Beast!!!! LOL

  11. Timothy Potts

    We were there in 97 and liked it

  12. Jenn

    Yeah…just no. It really was the most complained about addition ever. It’s not regal or elegant. The simplicity of the iridescence is perfect. Probably all the 5 years in the world would love it though.

  13. Barry Moss

    Please no, the birthday cake castle looks awful in Magic Kingdom and lacks the classic beauty of the real castle.

  14. Sylvia B

    I loved the cake castle, but for the 50th Disney needs a Golden cake castle! It’s the 50th!! Would love to see what Disney comes up with!

  15. Kayla

    Unpopular opinion here lol I would be over the moon to see this in person. I so wish there was memorabilia I could get my hands on that reflect this. There’s just something about it I find so intriguing. But I see how the traditional castle is like the main event so if that’s what people were expecting and they saw a cake instead I see how that could be disappointing…(not to me, but to many others. Like I said, unpopular opinion)

  16. Herman Saksono

    “If 1996 was the year you and your family were taking your once in a lifetime Disney World vacation, then I understand that not getting the classic Cinderella Castle photo could be disappointing. But on the other hand, it could also be an excuse for you to go back now so that you can have a photo with each look!”

    This is such a classist view. Not everyone has the financial means to go to WDW again.

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