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Bob Chapek

Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    We were at the MK yesterday and it was a hot mess! Crowds and lines snaking everywhere with no CM’s to help control the flow of people. Restaurants and snack carts with huge lines, because not enough CM’s to operate more carts. Restaurants still closed , so the quick service ones that are opened are too crowded to even find a seat. So if he wants CM’s back to work tell him to open up and bring back the CM’s because at this point it’s worse than a normal summer day before Covid.

  2. TacoCat

    Saying it is one thing, doing it is something else.

  3. Peter T. Mitros

    This whole pandemic, or what ever you want to call it is ALL TOTAL BS, and we are being suckered into it like Lemings going over the cliff…..and the question is, who is responsible????

  4. prince charming

    Cheapo Chapek is the CEO of Disney which by definition means that he can hire these people back whenever he wants. He is holding everyone of these CM’s hostage until Gov. Doolittle agrees to his demands. These two creeps deserve each other but it is a shame that all these workers must suffer. Maybe if Cheapo feels really bad he can take half his salary($500000000) and give it to these workers .

  5. Jo

    It’s around 15,000 plus those full time who voluntarily take a lay-off by nov 1.
    Then around 6,000 in California so far.

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