Comments for Who was the Best Genie After Robin Williams?

Genie from Aladdin


  1. EricJ

    I didn’t think anyone could voice-replicate Robin Williams’s motormouth, until Dan Castellaneta had to fill in for the direct-video Return of Jafar and the Disney Afternoon cartoon.

    Although it’s sort of worrying to notice how much Robin’s Genie and Homer Simpson can sound eerily alike…

  2. Thomas

    I would have to say the guy who originated the role in the Broadway production, I know I’ve just read his name but I always forget which way round his second and third names are even when I’ve just seen them. Will Smith was good, but it’s actually my second least favourite remake that I’ve seen, after ‘Dumbo’ of course, ‘Aladdin’ is my favourite of the Disney Renaissance period so had a lot to live up to and frankly, it didn’t! But I remember the buzz seeing James as Genie and the standing ovation ‘Friend Like Me’ got which I’d never seen halfway through a show before and by that time I’d been to see at least 500 shows.

  3. prince charming

    The genie will always be Robin Williams and no one else will ever compare.

  4. SG

    Robin Williams and then Will Smith.

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