The One Stop Shop For ‘The Mandalorian’ Baby Yoda Gifts!

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Baby Yoda Gifts

Whether you’re a Star Wars Fan or know someone who is, The Child, aka Baby Yoda, has found a spot in most of our hearts.

With so much The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda merchandise out there, it’s so hard to choose what to purchase. If you’re making your own wish list for someone, or need some help to figure out what to gift a lover of Baby Yoda, then this guide will help you navigate your gift shopping in a quick and easy way!

Baby Yoda

If you’re trying to maneuver a wish list, these four tips can help you succeed in being an awesome gift giver! Follow the guideline of something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. Guess what? To make things even more simple, you can head over to the one-stop-shop of to purchase all those Mando and The Child gifts!

Something You Want

Everyone deserves a non-essential Baby Yoda toy or figurine to keep the days bright and a smile on the face!

Star Wars The Mandolorian FRS Deluxe Walkie Talkies

Something You Need

Baby Yoda or Mando themed items will definitely make your life’s necessities more fun.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Mug Update

Something to Wear

No matter your age, you can pop on a Baby Yoda themed outfit or accessory. Here are some notable ones that will help you channel the force to stand out in the crowd.

Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Lounge Jammerall Update

Something to Read

So there aren’t necessarily any books on, but you’ll need something to carry all those books or small booklets so here are some backpacks and fanny packs for that! Posters are an enjoyable alternative if you’re looking to stick more towards the paper route.

Loungefly Mandalrian The Child All-Over-Print Back

These are a ton of great gift options for the Baby Yoda fan, but there are so many more options out there. For other awesome spots to consider, try out shops like BoxLunch, Target, Buckle-Down, ColourPop, and of course, shopDisney. 

Let us know what you are going to grab from this list in the comments!

in Disney, Merchandise, Star Wars

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