Comments for Yara Shahidi Cast as Tinker Bell in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’

yara shahidi tinker bell

Credit: Getty (Left), Disney (Right)


  1. Darth Black

    Let me guess john boyega as peter pan? or is he still whining about disney?

  2. Ron

    Really Disney?! Stop-just stop!! I guess we need to rename you Woke Disney World ?

    1. Tim L

      Waah waah, it’s a cartoon fairy.

      1. eric

        waah waah yourself timmy, the thing that gets people upset is the hypocrisy of all this, because we all know (you included) that disney would NEVER cast a white actress to play the role of tiana if they ever made a live remake of princess and the frog, and she’s just a cartoon princess right?

      2. Roger

        WRONG!!!!!!!!! Will never watch it.

    2. Klarc Taylor

      How dare you!! Yara, don’t listen to these haters, you’re gonna be amazing, I have faith and trust in Black pixie dust

  3. Alex

    Just curious, are they planning on releasing this to theaters or going straight to BET?

    1. Xela

      Don’t worry; if Peter is still white, they may still be able to send it to Hallmark.

    2. Suave4

      No there going to release this in your A**!!!!!

  4. EricJ

    And the irony is, Disney pretty much threw over the Pixie Hollow characters years ago, and doesn’t even remember Iridessa being Tink’s token-black-fairy friend…

  5. SG

    She’s adorable! And she already has that perfect pixie look! Can’t wait to see it. But please Disney, don’t ask for $30 on Disney +!

  6. Alex

    So many ugly racist heifers in here. Probably Florida residents.

  7. Suave4

    You Racist A** B**ch!! Don’t be mad✊?

  8. John

    I’m really sick of all this racially charged nonsense. Why can’t we move past this ridiculous singular way of looking at someone? It would be wrong for her to be cast just because she wasn’t white just as much as would be for another actress to be cast for the sole reason that they were white. I am sure that unless the director and producer are complete idiots they chose her because her personality and acting skills matched what they wanted Tinkerbell to be in the Peter Pan story they are telling. Best case scenario is that skin color had nothing to do with the decision because the best way to do things is a meritocracy where you are judged based on your skills, talent, and personality; not on shallow “skin surface”factors such as the color of your skin.

    1. franklin

      No, they definitely chose her because she’s black and already on an ABC series. Same reason they chose the black actress to play Ariel in that upcoming remake. Let’s not make it too complicated and overthink the reasoning behind the choices.

    2. Tonya

      Dude…You can’t seriously believe that. They totally picked her for the color of her skin. They are trying to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and, in turn, SCREW the White Fairies Matter Movement!

  9. Anthony

    She wasn’t cast because she wasn’t white, she was cast because she was black! Open your eyes John!

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  11. Laquesha

    Why can’t they just write new stories and new characters for these talented actresses. That would make more sense to me. Did Disney run out of imagination?

  12. aj

    Well if it’s just a “Fairy Role” and the race “doesn’t matter,” I can’t wait to see what they do with Silvermist and Iridessa. Honestly I can’t believe the amount of hypocrisy with all of this.

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