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  1. kim

    When my stepson was still small, he had a toy stolen from him when we were in Carowinds. He sat it down beside us as we took a break and someone must’ve taken it when we weren’t looking. It was a birthday trip too and he bought it with his birthday money. If a child stole it, then the adults with the child would know it didn’t belong to their child and should have made the child return it. If it was an adult…. There are few things lower than an adult who would steal from children. I skimmed the article but I surely hope they banned her from the park for life. That is so wrong to do to children especially and ruins the magic of Disney Parks.

  2. Melanie Durham


  3. Evan

    WDW and Disneyland has their share of thieves as well. A more prominent case involved a woman from Spring Hill, FL who used her young daughter to walk away with the stroller she targeted. She was stealing ultra expensive strollers (she knew which ones to look for) and selling them on CraigsList. She got busted when a woman to whom she sold a stroller to online alerted original owner (and the authorities) after she saw the name tags, clips and other personal items from the original owner on the stroller.

    Apparently, the Spring Hill woman been doing this for some time as authorities found multiple luxury strollers, diaper bags, purses, backpacks and other items for sale online by this woman.

    Moral of the story, if you have an expensive stroller take the time to protect it with a simple cable lock (we use one made for a laptop) through the wheel and keep your wallet, keys and other valuables on your person or run the cable lock through a backpack strap and a luggage lock on the zipper. Seems like a hassle but once you get use to doing it, it takes 30 seconds and it’s better that getting your things stolen. Or just take your chances that your stuff will not be targeted with the hundreds of strollers in the parks.

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